I love white paint!

I really, really love white paint.  It can take anything and make it beautiful.  Well, most anything.
I’d been slowly accumulating old picture frames from the thrift store, so I finally laid them all out and got to painting.

They started in various shades of gold and brown. (And, yes, that’s an obnoxious vinyl tablecloth that I use to paint on)

IMG_8439 (Large)

This gold one I’m really excited to work on.

IMG_8438 (Large)

I quite like this frame, too.  Great detail!

IMG_8436 (Large)

And this mirror was a find!

IMG_8437 (Large)

I confess I did no priming at all, just went right to work on them with my white paint and a brush.
I just paused every hour or two to brush another coat over everything until I was satisfied…

Just look at this great collection now!

IMG_8497 (Large)

I’m so pleased with how they turned out.

IMG_8498 (Large)

IMG_8499 (Large)

IMG_8500 (Large)

Most of them will end up on my dining room walls with family photos in them, but the mirror is already on the wall!

IMG_8495 (Large)2

Sigh.  I love my living room…

IMG_8496 (Large)2

I also love this sweet face.  She had to try one on.

IMG_8501 (Large)2

I just wish you could hear her little voice saying “cheese”

IMG_8502 (Large)2

“Tseez!”  I love those pudgy little hands…

IMG_8504 (Large)

IMG_8503 (Large)2

Too bad you can’t hang that on the wall!  Ka-yoot!

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