I love it when Camille Roskelley posts on her blog .  I’m in love with the colors she uses on her blog, in love with her red polka-dotted chair, her quilts and fabrics, and in awe of what she’s accomplished with her business at her age.

A few days ago she posted this post about things that are her current favorites.  Inspired by what she had there, I went to this site and decided I wanted some bowls, too.  And I will freely admit that it’s purely a COLOR thing.  I’m not the biggest fan of melamine dishes but I’d be happy to make an exception for these colors.

six bowls multi-colored

The next morning I called Macy’s and discovered that the one closest to me had some in stock.  Yippee!  I put a set on hold and planned to just zip down while the older kids were in school.

Then my better judgment took hold of me.  Did I really want to take 4 little children to the mall?  Nope.  The longer I postponed, the wiser I was.  Soon I’d come to grips with the fact that I didn’t NEED the bowls, no matter what color they were, and so I never went to buy them.  (Victory for me, I thought.  I can write this down in my One Step journal under discipline!)

I mentioned to my husband that it felt good to make that choice, that I was proud of myself for saying no.

Later that night when I came home from our last carpool of the night, he hugged me and told me there was something in my office….

macy's shopping bag

Inside was this….

martha stewart bowls box

which held these….

Martha Stewart melamine bowl set

Wow!  What a sweet thing to do.  I ran back to the kitchen to give Mr. Wonderful a big kiss and hug before opening the box to drink in the colors.

Need another look?

As Camille said, “YUM.”  Right now they’re sitting on my kitchen counter because I like looking at them too much to put them away.  There’s nothing like color to brighten up a winter day.  Thanks, Mr. Wonderful!

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