Fabric Favorites 2009

So, over at True Up , there’s been a giveaway running for those who submit their lists of favorite fabrics in 2009.  For some reason I didn’t feel like I had anything intelligent to add to the discussion until AFTER I started reading everyone’s submissions.  While I totally missed the contest, after reading the lists of others, I just have to chime in for the fun of it.

So here goes….

Favorite collection of 2009:
This is a tough one for me.  I  have two.  The first is Rouenneries , by French General for Moda.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this line of fabric.  For the first time in my life, I wanted a piece of EVERY print in a collection.  I already raved about it here .

My second favorite fabric line of the year was Whimsy by Pillow &  Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics.  I bought a ton of it in the pink colorway for my baby’s blanket, and designed a quilt for my niece in the emerald blue colorway.  This was just so vibrant, I loved it.  And did you know they just released the large whimsy prints in a new colorway at the beginning of January?  In aqua and chocolate brown?  Hello!  But I digress, for this is 2010, and I’m talking about 2009.

whimsy quilt

Favorite new designer:  I’d have to say Kaari Meng/French General .  I’ve been watching her for a couple of years now, and was super excited to see her first fabric line.

Favorite Solid fabrics:

Kona Cottons by Robert Kaufman
.  Love the variety.  Just wish I could find a local shop that carried a good selection of them.

Favorite new trend in quilting:  Ok, some might think this is on the edge, and to some it might be old, but to me it’s new.  Selvage quilting.  You can learn about it here .  I’ve always wished I knew what to do with the cute selvages when I cut them off, and now I wish I had them all back!  I’m collecting mine for some fun after I’ve got a good stash.  I want to make a spiderweb quilt like this one .  At least I discovered this in time for the neatest selvages ever, again from French General.  I LOVE the little design on each one.

Rouenneries selvage

Favorite colors:  I’ve been on this one for a few years now, but I’d still have to say aqua, white, and red.  Oh, how I love these colors together!  Most of my house is painted a shade of aqua.  I never get tired of it.  And if you want to see an adorable blog in all these colors, check out Camille Roskelley’s blog .  You’ll be happy if you do.

red, aqua and white fabric

Favorite go-to fabrics:  Polka dots.  I’m loving them as much today as when I first fell in love with them.

polka dot fabrics

Favorite holiday fabric (that I didn’t buy ANY of):

by Sanae for Moda.  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I had a newborn baby then.  I guess that’s a good excuse.

Favorite out-of-the-ordinary collection:

by Sweetwater.   I was really drawn to bolts of fabric with dictionary type pages printed on them.  I liked how unusual it was.

Favorite random print that I just loved:  Flower Power stripe in Heron blue by Lakehouse.  I went on a huge hunt to find some of this fabric.  Can’t wait to use it!

flower power by lakehouse

Favorite new quilt pattern that made me catch my breath:  Cotton Way’s Life’s Journey (which I haven’t bought yet, but really want to).  I saw it first on True Up’s post here .

Ok, I’ll stop there.  I can’t believe how much I found to love of the 2009 fabrics, even with how out of the loop I felt due to adding baby #8 to my life.  I’m sure 2010 will be just as wonderful!


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