Vintage Tablecloth: Pink Roses

Today’s tablecloth is truly lovely in every way.  Yes, it’s completely pink, and I love it.

vintage pink roses tablecloth

The roses go in one wide border around the entire cloth.  It  measures 68 by 51 inches.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 2

It has a small tag on it, which reads California Hand Prints, which I’m thinking might mean that it was hand printed when it was made.  The cloth has a few stains on it but it is just so lovely, and such a yummy shade of pink.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 3

One of my favorite details about it is the white pattern that goes around the outer edge of the roses.  Very subtle, but adds a lot of beauty in my opinion.  When I purchased this tablecloth online years ago, I didn’t realize it had this white pattern until I received it.  I was so pleased!

pink roses and white detail on vintage tablecloth

When I walk into a room where I’m using this tablecloth, it’s always the first thing I see.  It’s the perfect touch of happiness on a winter’s day.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 4


  • Stephanie

    Jennifer, I was on FB and saw the post that Eric put on about your Ribbon pillow. First of all, it really is beautiful! Your attention to detail is perfect. Second, I clicked on the link that he posted with the directions for making your pillow, and then spent the next 45 minutes reading your blog! I ♥ your recipes, can’t wait to try the lavender shortbread cookies; and I totally ♥ vintage linens. I have maybe 1 in my “collection”, but still, someday I will have more… I remember coming to your house for one of the bread making classes, I saw some of your linens in a cabinet, and I was holding back diving in, or maybe asking about your linens. Anyway, I think we have a few similar interests in collections. I know you have NO time, and are a very busy homemaker, but I really think we should get together sometime for dumpster diving, or flea market shopping. Just a thought, or maybe a dream. It would be fun!

    Keep blogging! I love reading it!
    -Stephanie Smith (Alex, Jace and Avery’s mom)

  • Emily

    lovely. AND congrats on the winning the ribbon contest with your cute pillow! You are an amazing fountain of creativity!

  • That is so pretty! I am always on the lookout for tablecloths since I use them quite often.

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