Ranunculus, my favorite flower

Do you have a favorite flower?

ranunculus 1

I have several of them, actually (like these hydrangeas ).  But there is one that I love more than all the others.

ranunculus 2

Ranunculus.  My all-time favorite.  The flower that makes my heart skip a beat.

ranunculus 3

Earlier this week I ran into a florist shop looking for white flowers, and there, to my amazement, was a bucket of 6 white ranunculus, just arrived.  I was so excited!  The girl working in the shop had no clue what they were.  I purchased the prettiest ones and happily brought them home.

ranunculus 4

They’ve been making me happy all week, so I thought I’d share.

ranunculus 5

I love all the gorgeous fabric flowers floating around the fashion world, but when I see these, I just don’t think anything else comes close to the real thing.

ranunculus 6

I stand in awe of the beauty in our world, and feel grateful to have a little drop of it in my home.

ranunculus 7

No wonder so much has been written over the centuries about flowers…

ranunculus 8

They bring happiness on a winter’s day.

ranunculus 9

They bring happiness on any day!

ranunculus 10

What’s your favorite flower?  Do tell!
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Have a great day!

Hopeful Homemaker


  • How pretty! Tulips are my favorites but I also love Japanese irises and gerbera daisies. So pretty.

  • I love ranunculus as well…my fave would have to be a hydrangeas.
    Love the little juice cup they are in too!

  • Ranunculus are very pretty! But I have to say that periwinkle hydrangeas are my absolute fave.

  • Gorgeous photos. I am a daisy girl. Got hooked on them when I used to go for walks as a little girl with my grandparents and they taught me how to do, “He loves me, he love me not.”

  • Marilyn Holeman

    Hi, I just found your blog from The Inspired Room. My favorite flower is the pansy. It comes in pretty colors (love the purple and lavender), has sweet little faces, and doesn’t mind the snow. Your ranunculus are lovely, too.

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE Ranunculus too!! I was just thinking this week, “I wonder if I could find some in a flower shop this time of year?” Well, obviously not, because you did first. So I will enjoy your wonderful photos of the delicate flowers. 😉 They are SO pretty and perfectly made. I know Eric is from North County San Diego, I’m sure you have been to the Carlsbad flower fields. They are gorgeous.

  • jennifer

    Stephanie, I’ve never heard of the Carlsbad flower fields! When we’re out there it’s all beach and surfing and family. He’s never taken me there, or even mentioned it! I’ll have to ask! Sounds lovely.

  • Stephanie

    Jennifer, check out this site for the flower fields, http://www.theflowerfields.com/index.html the best, well really the only time to go is from March – May. I’m sure that your family vacations have not been scheduled during that time. BUT you must go! You must schedule a trip during spring break, mother’s day, or sometime. It’s fields and fields of Ranunculus! Just check out the site, it’s a dream…

  • Kat

    I love Ranunculus! And I’ve been to the Carlsbad flower fields, it was truly an amazing sight to see! I have so many favorite flowers, I love violets and sweet peas too!

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    Kat 🙂

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  • Brianna

    The Ranunculus is absolutely my favorite flower as well! So elegant and unique! Also love their many color variations! I’ve been trying to emphasize this flower to my s/o so that he may surprise me with some on my birthday LOL.. Thanks for sharing!

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