Little Things Matter

Yesterday my little one found the missing button for her sweater.

She came running to me, holding it.  We found some matching thread and did some mending.

pink sweater with heart buttons and needle

As I did it, I realized what a tiny little thing I was doing.  It only took a couple of minutes.

But what a big thing it was for her.

Many times we feel we need to do something BIG.  Sometimes we don’t do anything because we feel we don’t have time or resources for that big thing.  Yet most of the time our hearts are lifted most by the little things that people do for one another.  I once read that if something needs doing and it can be done in the next two minutes, the most effective thing is to do it now.  Yesterday I wondered how many thoughtful things I could do in two minutes?

Small, thoughtful, compassionate things.  They really do matter.

A word of encouragement, a compliment, cost us nothing but the time it takes to utter or write them.

I made a list of little things I’m going to do more of, because it will be good for me and good for those around me.

What little thing could you do today for someone?

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  • Jennifer:
    Oh my goodness…I had no idea you had a website. When you left a comment on the blog under hopeful homemaker I had to see who it was. When I saw this darling picture of your little one I thought that sure looks like a Harrison but could this be Jennifer’s website? I LOVE IT! I’ve spent the last hour reading and looking and loving it and missing you more and more. I can’t wait to spend some more time exploring all you have done. I think you are amazing by the way. 🙂 Next time I’m up your way I will let you know. I would love to get together again. So excited to see all the things you have posted. Love you and miss you! Thanks for all the sweet comments.

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