Simple pleasures

I’ve always found it interesting how much comfort can be found in feeling grateful for simple things.

Today I’m thankful for the gift of fresh fruit, oranges to be exact.

sliced oranges

They looked so beautiful with juicy sections glistening in the sunlight.  I love the many shades of color.  Things like this seem so simple, but when you really look at them you realize what a composition they are in themselves.

orange slice

They tasted as sweet as they looked.  Mmm.  Not many things better than a sweet, juicy orange in the winter.

What simple thing are you thankful for today?


  • Brent

    Those oranges remind me of soccer as a kid. Speaking of which, when does it start up again. We want to come to some games

  • WE LOVE oranges. I agree, they are lovely. TOday I am thankful for a warm house and everyone home safe and together after that huge storm we had yesterday! Hopefully today we can play and go sledding too. And then after its gone I’m sure I will be thankful for the snow that came too ! 🙂

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