“The only artist who is perfect in all forms of creativity – in technique, in originality, in knowledge of the past and future, in versatility, in having perfect content to express as well as perfect expression of content, in having perfect truth to express as well as perfect expression of truth, in communicating perfectly the wonders of all that exists as well as something about Himself, is of course God – the God who is Personal.”

-Edith Schaeffer The Hidden Art of Homemaking (quoted in The Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin ) Last night I felt captivated by the wonder of the evening light as it slanted across the earth and kissed the tops of trees with gold.  I am in awe of our Heavenly Father’s use of light and color, how the light saturates already perfect colors and creates in them a brilliance that takes my breath away.

Each morning I watch breathlessly as the first shafts of sunlight cut through the morning clouds, their angles sharp and bold as they glance off mountains and across the valley.

This morning my heart is full of gratitude for an infinitely creative God, full of thanks for the privilege of witnessing even the smallest portion of that creativity.  I am grateful for eyes to see and for the yearning I feel when I watch these beauties unfold.  My own feeble efforts at creative expression are not even elementary in comparison with His greatness, yet His love for us shines through his artistry with such brilliance that I feel compelled to press on.

Each year I keep a gratitude list during this season of Thanksgiving.   A simple (and common) exercise, it never fails to remind me that, far from being a scarce and rarely tasted drink, I’m swimming in abundance.  God’s simple gifts are as plentiful as the air I breathe so thoughtlessly.  My list helps enlarge my heart and remove the scales from my eyes.   This year I have decided to log it on Hopeful Homemaker.  You can find it at the top of my right hand sidebar where I’ll be adding to it daily.  If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll start one too.

What are you grateful for today?
How might expressing that gratitude affect your day?

Hopeful Homemaker

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