Apricots and Vintage Pyrex

I am not an apricot lover.  I am not a Pyrex collector.  But I am  in love with how beautiful these apricots are in the one vintage Pyrex piece I own.

We picked these apricots, my children and I, from a tree at the bottom of the hill.  They loved the adventure of  climbing ladders to pluck the orange fruit from branches.  I went from little one to little one, holding them up above my head to reach the apricot they spied.  I helped the older ones move and balance ladders so they could climb much higher.  And I took a deep breath and let my 5 year old son grow up a little bit more as he climbed higher and ventured further than ever before.  I held my breath as I watched him, positioning myself to catch him if he fell but he didn’t.  He was careful but steady, cautious but sure.  It was a precious moment to watch.

It’s really not surprising that the only Pyrex I’d love would be blue and white striped.  I love the soft colors and the bright orange of the apricots together.   As complimentary colors, it’s a combination that never grows old.

While I admire the color, my children happily eat fresh apricots (or “ape-er-cots”, as my three year old daughter calls them) and dream of an apricot tree in our own yard.  I sigh with happiness for these golden moments of childhood, when adventure lies in age-old activities such as harvesting fruit from a tree.  This is summer to me, and I wish it would never end.


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