A bunch of random thoughts

My mind is all over the place lately, darting from place to place like a pinball mid-game.

Want a sampling?

1.  I haven’t spent much time in the yard for a few weeks.  Yesterday I noticed my dahlias are blooming.  Isn’t this gorgeous?

What’s not to like about a flower more than 7 inches across?

2.  My two year old just knocked over the ironing board.  To see if she could.  I’m glad it didn’t hurt her and am shaking my head over her constant activity.

3.  Speaking of her, does anyone know how to get expo dry erase marker out of something you love?  Five days later, I’m still not ok with this:

I wasn’t home when it happened.  I don’t even want to know how she got it off the wall.  Don’t worry, she covered the custom frame in marker, too.

3.  This blue and orange place setting is beautiful to me.  I love the bright orange band in the place mats and the beautiful blue and white china… amazing.   Image from House of Turquoise.

4.  Speaking of beauty, I really want to join Pinterest, but I really don’t want to join Facebook.  And so I’ve done nothing.  Plus, I’m afraid I’ll spend too much time looking at beautiful pictures instead of working on making our home a beautiful place.

5.  I gave my kitchen table some TLC.  It feels good to take care of things.

6.  Today I took care of all the school fees for my oldest two students.  Add to that the usual back to school shopping (which I’m really trying to minimize) and we’ve got a good-sized dent in our budget this month.  Ugh.

7.  This morning my ten year old son told me I use my children as slaves and don’t do any work myself.  (He was asked to load the diswasher.)  Lovely.  If only he knew it was more work to get him to work than it would have been to do it myself.

8.  Last week a friend brought this cookie creation over for my two August birthday girls.

My favorite part?  The little rosebuds made from gum drops and fruit roll-ups.  Aren’t they cute?

9.  I’m trying to eat really well, which means I’m eating a lot of salad.  Lately it’s been boring and I’ve avoided making them.  I’ve learned, however, if I just make one anyway, as soon as I start eating I’m reminded how delicious they are and am perfectly happy with my meal.  Lesson:  just make the salad!

10.  I didn’t expect to see any more blooms from my delphinium this summer, but a few dazzling flowers have appeared:

The bright blue with tinges of purple is so pretty to me.

11.  Today I made quesadillas for my children for lunch.  I turned around and more than half of them were laying on the kitchen floor with their heads and shoulders under a chair.  Their plates were under the chairs with them and they were all eating… without hands.  I inquired about the new trend and was informed they were all being dogs, eating their food in their respective dog houses.  Hmmm, interesting.  At least they have imagination.

And there you have ten minutes’ worth of my random thoughts today.
What are you thinking about?

Hopeful Homemaker


  • Your flowers are beautiful and the birthday parties are over the top – wow. I wish I had good news for you on the expo marker. We have a white church shirt that got a small spot and I am not kidding when I say I have tried EVERYTHING to get it out, even soaking in bleach. Those markers are banned from our house. I hope an internet search gives you better news. Sorry, that is such a bummer!

  • Kris

    I could help you if you wanted to first sign in with Eric’s facebook and then change all the info. It is very fun and also addicting. 🙂 Tell Ben that he can come clean at my house and then he really might be a “slave”!

  • Marci Akagi

    It’s always so refreshing to read your blog!! It also makes me really miss you!!! Don’t feel too bad about the use of kids as slaves, we do it too and someday I’m sure I will get a big thank you when they are adults. I hope them they understand we taught them those things becasue we love them….at least I hope so.

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