Project Problem

I have a problem with projects.  A couple of problems, to tell the truth.

First, I get excited about them too easily.  Something looks so simple, or so easy, or so much fun and I think I’m up to it even if I’m not.  I’m slowly getting better at making wise decisions about what I begin.  Part of the time I am, anyway.

Then there’s this funny thing that happens to me once the project supplies are in my possession.  Sometimes I jump right in and finish the entire things, but sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes it’s like there are weights on my back making the project seem out of reach.  Either it sounds just fun enough (or urgent enough) that I take care of it quickly or it sounds just hard enough that I avoid it.  Or I let myself stress so much about the outcome that I fail to start.  And it sits.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this.  The most fascinating thing, perhaps, would be trying to predict which response I’ll have to this or that idea/project!  Seriously, this is an area in which I drive myself crazy and being a consistent finisher is a habit I’m really working on.

I have two headboards that have sat in my basement for months.  Easy projects?  Yes.  Projects that are really fun and rewarding to finish?  Yes.  Projects that landed in my “too whatever to start” category?  Yes.  They needed to be sanded and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  A few days  ago I went and bought a sander, and still they sat for about a week.

Until now.  I am happy to say that I finally cleared 30 minutes of my life and got to know my new sander.  It’s funny how easily some things come together once you just get started.  Now one of the headboards has a first coat of paint drying on it and the other is ready to paint.

Why did it take me months to do this?  Have you got a cure for this problem?
I know, I know.  Habits.  I’m working on them.


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