I haven’t had time to weed my flowerbeds much lately, or even to walk around the yard and see how things are looking until yesterday.  I saw a few things that made me very happy.

First, things appear to be coming back well.  Some of the lavender is a little slow, but I think it’s all going to make it.  I’m pleased with how full my front flowerbed is looking.  It will get better when the peonies are mature in a few years.  I planted some dahlias in there again and am hoping they take.

The allium is new this year and I’m liking them a lot.  They’ve attracted lots of bees and are so pretty standing on their long, straight stems.

The tulips are about finished.  I really ought to go cut them all down, but in a few spots the show is still impressive so I’m leaving them a bit longer.  I am SO pleased with the variety of tulips I added to my yard last fall.  Without a doubt we have enjoyed some stunning flowers.  I’m sorry to see them go but happy I’ll greet them again next year.

Coming soon:  peonies.  It’s true that anticipation adds to happiness, for the anticipation I feel when I see these perfectly round buds which will soon burst forth into something remarkable is a great feeling.  I have six peonies that will bloom wonderfully this year, and more roots that I planted this spring.  It will take time for them to bloom but I’ll wait.  It will be worth it!

It was the trees that made me particularly happy as I did the rounds.  My pear trees appear to be doing well, with what I think are signs of fruit yet to develop.  (I hope – I’ve never grown pears before.)

Looks like we’ll get some cherries as well.  Hooray!

And for the first time, I see a few itty bitty fuzzy things on one of the peach trees.  Could it be….?

It’s funny how I can see this potential and feel so satisfied.  I have a part in it, but really the plants are doing the work.  I feel, for lack of a better word, proud of them.  I don’t feel critical that there isn’t more.  I feel so pleased with the growth I see.

I also see areas that need weeding, gardens that need planting, vines that need training, etc. but then I look at this group enjoying otter pops on the back porch and remember that THEY are my most important garden.  THEIR growth is the most important growth going on around here.  I remind myself to be more joyful about even tiny signs of growth, especially when I was hoping for much more.  I remind myself to be more matter-of-fact about the “weeding” that needs to be done behaviorally instead of going about it with fear or frustration.  They are my greatest investment and have the greatest potential of all.  They bring the greatest joy and beauty to my life.  I’m so grateful for them, and grateful for the reminder I received from my plants and trees.  Life is about people, and it’s wonderful!


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