Wound Up

I realized I was a little too intense about my September projects when I woke up Friday morning feeling stressed that the month was going too fast.

Seriously?  On the 7th?

Yes, on September 7th I was stressed that my month was almost gone.


So… I went on a long walk, hid my list from myself, and made myself do something that wasn’t on “the list.”

I basted a quilt.  Actually, I basted two quilts.  The first is for a birthday I’m afraid I’ll miss, so in a way it dealt directly with some stress.  The second (above) I basted because I plan to try hand quilting on it and if I like it, I’ll use it for some holiday projects.

It really was very therapeutic.  My little girls climbed all over me, played with the safety pins, tippy-toed across the quilts, giggled, and generally had a wonderful time.  I was doing something mindless enough that it was easy to talk myself out of being stressed.  It worked quite well.  The house was no cleaner, of course, but it wasn’t any worse.   Now I have not one, but two quilts to quilt!  I love this because it really is something that can be done in 5 minute spurts, unlike so many other creative activities.

We’ll see when I get to them!


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