A Bit of Sunshine

The world has been so gray lately, thick with clouds overhead.  A few days of having the blue sky and sunshine obscured from view makes me dread the coming of winter.  This morning as I drove the kids to school the first thing I noticed was the sky.  A sky with holes between the clouds, with sunlight filtering through the openings as the oranges of sunrise gave way to light.  Soon the sun was up and – for a while, at least – not a cloud was in sight.

I decided the best possible use of my time was to go out in it, soak up some vitamin D, and enjoy a beautiful day.

I decided to finish planting the tulip bulbs I purchased this year.

We found a lonely onion growing in the garden.

We raked more leaves and the girls played nearby.  It was good for all of us to get outside and have some fun.  I walked in the house an hour later and thought how lucky I was to be cleaning dirt from my fingernails in December.

The first of my seed catalogs arrived in the mail this week.  The reminder that spring really isn’t too far away brought a smile to my face.  It will be fun to browse the catalog and dream of our vegetable gardens next year.  I hope life will be more predictable and we’ll have more time to spend on them.  I had such a great experience with heirloom seeds this year that I’m already anxious to start again.

Hopeful Homemaker

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