Early Bird Quilt


Another quilt finished!

Almost two years ago I posted pictures of my Early Bird quilt top , and it’s hung in the closet ever since.  Until last month, that is, when I summoned the courage to try an all over free motion quilting design on it.  I actually quilted this quilt before quilting my On a Whim quilt , because I wanted to practice on something I wasn’t as attached to.


The quilting went far better than I anticipated and I succeeded in making myself love it all over again.  In some ways this quilt feels more “back to school” than just “fall”, perhaps because of the ruler prints in it.  Either way, it’s perfect for this beautiful time of year.


For the backing I used a solid green with a couple of strips of pieced scraps for added interest.  I love how well the flower quilting shows up on the green.


Another favorite detail on this quilt is the zig zag edges on two ends of the quilt.  It makes me smile.


The whole thing makes me smile, actually, and fills my heart with joy and gratitude for the privilege of creating things.  I am grateful for the talents of others and the beauty that blesses my life, grateful for the opportunity to make things that I can wrap around my loved ones to warm them.  Grateful for useful, beautiful things.  Grateful for the opportunity to learn new things, try things we’ve never tried, and to improve.  Grateful for that small place deep inside me where determination lives.  For color, texture, design and pattern.  Grateful for all of it.


A simple red print from my stash was used for the binding and I’m very pleased with it.  Pleased that at last it’s finished and in use around the house.



Merry Go Round
by American Jane fabrics: Early Bird by cosmo cricket, and some Tailor Made quilting:  allover flower design, taught in Free Motion Quilting by Angela Walters (Flower Power is what she calls it.)
size:  approximately 65 x 74 inches


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations on finishing this quilt and for trying out a new technique. It’s a really beautiful quilt. I love the warm palette, and the green you chose for the back is perfect. I haven’t found the courage to break out from straight line quilting, but this post is very inspiring!


  • I love this — it is so pretty!

  • Bonnie

    I am totally smitten with the colors, patterns and design. Sigh……

  • Love this quilt, its colors and the hexagons. I can see cudlling up with it while reading a book.

  • Gail Brasser

    I love your quilt I am not really that fond of the hexie shape,but all the bright colors you used really made it. I really like the edging also,putting this quilt on my list to do.

  • Kathryn Barker

    You should be proud – its lovely, nice job!!!!

  • Tammy

    i love this quilt…the hexes, the colors, design and the quilting!

  • I love this quilt and how homespun/vintage/nostalgic it looks. I was especially moved by your paragraph that starts with “The whole thing makes me smile”. Beautifully written……I think I will print it out and read it daily to remember to be grateful for everything that I have. Thank you.

  • I just thought that I should probably ask your permission for that.

  • jennifer

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I’m honored that something I wrote lifted you, and you are welcome to use it in whatever way will bless your life! Have a great day!

  • Susan

    I love this quilt and it makes me want to make one like it. Did you follow a pattern? I am not seeing any references to one in the blog or the comments. It really is so lovely. Can you please point me to the pattern? Thank you

  • Sandy Kolarik

    I have been wanting to try this pattern and hopefully it isn’t too difficult. Your beautiful quilt has given me inspiration to try making one. Lovely comment about being grateful, we should all remember this.

  • Joy

    Okay, I gotta try this quilt! Yours is simply too amazing! And I like the simplicity of using triangles. Thank you for posting this!

  • Kristi

    This is one of my favorite all time quilts I have seen on pinterest. I have made over 50 quilts, and if I could I would do this one exactly as you have done it!!! I absolutely love it!

  • Lana K

    Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! And what a beautiful sentiment about being grateful for so many of what we might call the “little” things about our life.

  • Love everything about the quilt. So cheery, just makes me feel so uplifted and inspired. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilt.

  • Retha Tiner

    I, too, love this quilt. Hexagons have long been a favorite of mine, but I have never made one. This makes me want to get started. Your comments beautifully express the blessings of quilting.

  • Lorie Hofreiter

    Beautiful job! I bought this pattern 3 years ago but haven’t made it yet. Love the material you used and the quilting design is great!!

  • Beverly

    I have made a similar quilt with hexies around the border. I love the quilt but I cannot figure out how to put the binding on where the hexies meet. Can you help me with that?.

  • Ali

    I have just a few blocks made. Did you just use 2 1/2″ strips and 1/4″ seam allowance? Beautiful work, and the quilting is amazing!

  • jennifer

    I think that’s what I did! I was following an American Jane pattern. I do remember using a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut the strips into triangles.

  • Lori Kauffman

    This quilt is positively adorable. It looks pretty hard, until I realized you probably did the hexes as rows instead of individual “blocks”. It turned out lovely, and I think this is now one of the quilts on my to-do list. Nice job! Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Carol Bell

    Beautiful quilt!

  • I really love it. Looked for the pattern and no luck! See what I can do.

  • jennifer

    Thanks! Maybe if you google it you will find a pattern somewhere? It’s been years, but I’ll bet you can find something.

  • Thanks Jennifer, I’ll keep trying, I really Love it!!!!!

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