Pineapple Quilt


I’ve been trying to use more of my stash this year, and wanted to make a quilt with a lot of yellow and orange.  The pineapple quilt trend looked like a fun and fast project so I made one.  The making of it turned out to be a comedy of errors which exposed the distracted, stressed out state of mind I had at the time.  I made so many mistakes in this quilt.  Not so much in the piecing, but in the reading of instructions and cutting and so forth.

But it turned out fine.  My pineapples are a little taller than most of them out there, and even when I figured out what I’d done I somehow managed to fail to account for it when cutting my sashing, and so there are all kinds of seams where there didn’t need to be.

Still, look how cute it is!


The colors are so vibrant and happy, especially set against the denim colored Essex yarn dyed linen that I used for the background.  It gives the quilt great contrast as well as amazing texture.  I also really love the diagonal plaid quilting.  It’s the perfect pattern for pineapples, don’t you think?  Kaylene Parry did a great job of quilting it for me.


A scrappy binding was a great choice for this quilt, and I’d been saving this awesome green print for the perfect project.  I love it on the back.  It’s a design by Juliana Horner which I scored at Joann’s for $2.40/yard a while ago.  Can’t beat that!


I am pleased with this quilt, and glad it turned out well.  These cute scrappy fruit quilt blocks are fun.  I’m thinking I’ll make a strawberry one soon.  I feel grateful and lucky to have discovered quilting.  It makes me so happy!




  • JoAnn

    What mistakes girlfriend?! This is gorgeous! Where can I purchase this pattern? Thank you for sharing your project.

    Aloha! Jo

  • Diane Harris

    This is SO gorgeous, and I love the extra height in your pineapples. Well done!

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