Catenary – a new project

All of a sudden I can’t get enough of needle turn applique.

So, naturally, I started another project.

This is Carolyn Friedlander’s Catenary quilt pattern.  Soon after I finished up the Aerial grove quilt top I was choosing fabric for this one and it’s a color scheme I’m really excited about.  I’m learning that needle turn applique takes some time to cut, pin and baste in place.  Honestly, I think that’s the hardest part – the tedium of getting it all ready so you can actually start sewing!  A good exercise in patience, I suppose.  Still, I must admit that stitching those lovely arches makes me a little giddy.  They actually look good!  {I was obviously worried about my skills for this one.}

This stack of carefully ironed fabric is the bulk of the quilt.  I’m opting to cut the arches and prep each strip after I finish the previous one so I don’t risk any fraying or stretching of the fabrics while they wait their turn.  Even though the prints are wrong side up in this photo, I love this pretty stack.  It always amazes me that a quilt can start so small, in this tiny stack of ordered pieces.

Much of my hand sewing is done in the car while I wait for my children.  I was quite happy to discover that the entire project fits perfectly, pattern and all, in a pretty little tin I bought at IKEA last year.  {Please tell me I’m not the only person who sometimes buys lovely containers just because, with no plan in mind for them. What is it about them?  I always want more!}

I’m on the second of fourteen strips for this quilt and I find myself enjoying every stitch.  These small successes have given me confidence to start on other Carolyn Friedlander patterns that I’ve loved but not felt skilled enough to start.  I would love to make this the year that I use every one of the patterns I’ve purchased from her.

Have you ever tried hand applique?  If so, do you enjoy it?  I definitely think there are some stages in life that work better for it. When my children were babies and toddlers I always had someone on my lap; a needle and thread would have never worked.  But as our family gets a little older I find that I can sit and stitch while they all do their homework – it keeps me in one place to answer questions, check accuracy, and make sure they finish, while still doing something I enjoy.  We’re all together and all productive.  I like that.

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  • Debbie Donovan

    I’m about to start choosing fabric for this quilt, have been loving hand appliqué for a few years now so let’s see if I can do this one… your post has inspired me to get going! Love your container and glad I’m not the only one who buys them when I love them. Your fabrics are so nice. Deb

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