Lone Star Tree Skirt Sew Along: Quilting

,Welcome back for week four of the Lone Star Tree Skirt Sew Along!  Here we are in the last week of October and we’re already so close to finishing our tree skirts!  It’s a fairly fast project and there is plenty of time to make one before the Christmas rush.  Please join us!  The tree skirt pattern is available here .

Last week
we finished piecing together our lone stars and we have a finished quilt top.  This week we will quilt them.

Today’s video is a little different.  Instead of a demonstration, I’m just talking about how I quilted both of my tree skirts.  You can do something similar, or use your own idea.  I encourage you to have fun with this and stretch a little.  You can also have yours professionally quilted, but it will probably delay your finish – and remember we will be cutting right into the center of the finished quilt!  That was good incentive for me to be brave and quilt my own.

https://youtu.be/5CJjr80Age4 In case you want another look at the quilting on mine, below are a few photos of my tree skirts for you to reference.  Remember, there is no right or wrong – have fun!

First up, I quilted one large feather in each of the eight diamonds of my star.

In the background I switched to a red thread and simply quilted around the pretty mistletoe print on my fabric.

I was nervous about both patterns but they look nice together and I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

For my original tree skirt, I quilted the diamonds in the star with a traditional orange peel design.

The backtround I quilted in straight lines with my walking foot.  To see more photos of my original tree skirt and the quilting on it, click here .

That’s it for this week!  Have fun quilting your lone star, and get ready to be brave next week when we turn them into tree skirts.

We will meet back here next Monday for week five of the sew along.  Please share your progress with the hashtags #lonestartreeskirt and #hopefulhomemaker because I love seeing them!

Remember that all posts for this project can be found on the Lone Star Tree Skirt Sew Along page.

Have a great week, and happy sewing!

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