Log Cabin Swap Quilt – finally finished!

I have so many new quilts I hope to make, but I’m also trying valiantly to finish old projects this year.  My Log Cabin Swap Quilt is one that has waited a couple of years for quilting.

Ultimately I decided to finish it with simple straight line quilting.  It seems to be my go-to preference for finishing quilts.  When I first finish the quilt tops I’m really attached to them, and I worry I’ll ruin them when quilting.  My piecing skills are much better than my quilting skills, though I am improving and want to keep getting better.  After the quilt top has hung around for a while, I don’t feel intimidated anymore and it’s easier to finish them.  I need to work on shortening the wait time, though.

Every once in a while I back a quilt in flannel because my kids love it.  I hope my kids will snuggle with and love this one as the seasons change and it begins to cool down.  The log cabin swap quilts were the final swap I participated in for a modern quilting group that disbanded a while ago.  I’m excited to see this one in use.  It reminds me of the amazing women I met there.

None of us know what’s ahead right now.  I keep thinking that I want home to be a cozy, safe place, no matter what happens in the world.  Hopefully this log cabin swap quilt will contribute!

As I type this, I know that many are fleeing homes because of storms and fires.  Wherever you are, and wherever home is, I hope you are safe and feeling hope.  We had a conversation at the dinner table a few days ago, and asked our kids what they’ve learned in the past six months.  Their answer: gratitude.  I hope we all find something to be grateful for today, and every day.  It’s a great way to cope with hard times.


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