Dream Catcher Quilt

I summoned the courage to quilt my Dream Catcher Quilt top .  Honestly, that’s usually the reason why it takes me so long to quilt them.  I need a deadline, or a whole lot of courage to quilt them.  In this case, it took courage.  I felt intimidated by the size and the wide range of colors, but once I settled on a simple approach, it worked out.

I chose with a simple orange peel quilting design for the hourglass blocks, and in the stripes I did some straight line quilting that followed the print.  The Kaffe stripe in this quilt has got to be one of the best stripes ever designed!  I wish it was still in print.

I shared the story of making this one in my post about the quilt top .  Finding the stripes was a fun challenge that I tackled with a friend.  Along the way we collected solids, tweaked the pattern instructions to our satisfaction, and had a great time sewing together.  It’s fascinating how such a simple design, with the right print, becomes incredible.  I feel like this Dream Catcher Quilt is a great example of that.  The stripe makes the quilt!  While it’s a long out of print fabric, it could be interesting to piece stripes and make something similar.

I’m thrilled to have this one in rotation around the house.  Like I admitted at the outset of this post, I have a backlog of quilt tops.  I’m trying to catch up, but progress is slow.  But nothing motivates like success, right?  I’m excited to finish another.

I hope your summer is as happy and colorful as this quilt!  It’s hard to believe that August is already here.  I’m counting on more sewing time this fall – we’ll see what happens!

Happy sewing to you!


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