Halloween decorating

I must admit that I prefer simple fall decorating to Halloween decorating, but I’ve been hearing things like this from my kids:

“Why is it Halloween at other people’s houses but not at ours?”
And I wonder, since when do you have to have decorations up in order for a holiday to come?  Hmmm.
Well, I decided to surprise them and have a few things up when they came home from school.  So, Happy Halloween!
IMG_8148 (Large)
IMG_8149 (Large)2
The dining room is where the official Halloween spot is, I guess.
I hung some spiderwebs on the wall, over my pictures.
IMG_8141 (Large)
The web is actually made of shimmery little beads.
IMG_8142 (Large)
I also hung one over my silver.
IMG_8143 (Large)2
On the table I used this really cool tablecloth I found a few years ago.  It’s spider web lace.  A fun twist on table linens.
IMG_8147 (Large)2
Lastly, I pulled out one of my cake platters, some letters and came up with a centerpiece.
IMG_8144 (Large)
I have to just say that my favorite part of fall is the pumpkin.  I love pumpkins!
In fact, I’ve decided that next year I’m growing a pumpkin patch.  I have big plans.

Last year I pulled out my vintage crowns and put them on my pumpkins.
I liked it so much that I think it’s my new fall tradition.
It sort of fits the way I feel about pumpkins.  I love that fall is when the lowly pumpkin is crowned queen of the season.
IMG_8145 (Large)
I like that thought, crowning the pumpkin Queen of the Season.
IMG_8146 (Large)2
Well, I guess now it’s Halloween at our house, too.  Especially with pumpkins dressed up as queens.