In the sewing room, no. 8

After feeling like I was working on too many things and getting nowhere, I’ve reached the point that projects are coming together.


My Scrappy Trip-Along quilt top is finished!  I finished the last 12 blocks early Saturday morning.  I love seeing it draped over my sewing chair.


All the bright colors bring a smile to my face.  What a perfect project for winter!


After rifling through my cotton prints for a backing I liked and finding nothing, I went through my flannel fabrics and found these two prints, both with enough yardage to make a backing.  Use it or lose it!  Last night I sewed them together and now I need to find time to baste it.  I’m really excited to finish this quilt.


My Scrappy Swoon quilt is also making me smile.  It’s quilted and the binding is almost finished.  It’s always a relief when you discover that you do like your quilt after doubting in the middle of the project.


Once these are finished I need to get going on some projects I started but haven’t touched in a few weeks, like these lonely little HST squares.


And of course I have a long list of new projects I’d like to start!  It never ends, but that’s the fun of it!  If only laundry was as exciting…

Happy sewing!
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In the sewing room, no. 7


My sewing room is currently being used as a guest room, which means very little sewing has happened in the past week.  I did, however, put together a few more scrappy trip along blocks after neglecting them last week.


I also sewed the rest of my strips together for the final 12 blocks.  I would really like to finish this quilt top in the next few days, but it will be taking a back seat behind basting…


The Scrappy Swoon-Along is headed into the home stretch and I’ve got to get it quilted right away.  I’m so happy the top is all put together because now I like it again.

I finally finished all my blocks for the Canton Village Block of the Month.


I’m happy with the blocks but am at a total loss as to sashing.  What color would you use to sash these?  Would you go dark?  Light?  Bright?  Neutral?  I keep looking at them and wondering what direction to go.

It’s nice to be on the close to finished end of a few projects.  I’d love to wrap them up so I can start on something new.
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In the sewing room, no. 6

I didn’t get a lot of sewing done this week, but I did go through ALL of my fabric.  I already had most of it separated by color, and now within each color I have a “high volume” and a “low volume” stack.   It was an unplanned organization, but was good for me.  I remembered a few prints I had forgotten about and moved some things so I’ll see, and therefore use, it.  I’ve been trying not to buy any fabric so far this year, so a little trip through what I have reminded me that I have so many lovely prints.  It will be easy to sew happily for quite some time without buying anything!  Among the things I did was pull all my solids together into one big stack.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have a pretty rainbow of solids.  I’m keeping them separate and have decided it’s time to make a quilt using all of them.   Not sure yet what it will be, but I’m loving the rainbow of color in my sewing room right now.


I’ve been neglecting my Scrappy Trip Along blocks lately, so I took some time to sort them.  I cut more strips and started laying out blocks and now they’re all arranged, just awaiting some time at the sewing machine.


I have two very simple quilts that are almost done.  I finally made the binding and now just need to get it on the quilts!


The blocks for my Scrappy Swoon are all done and I’m piecing them together this week.  I’m excited to finish this one up!


I’m tempted to feel annoyed with all that isn’t finished, but am reminding myself that there’s a lot of life being lived in our house and it’s a blessing I can touch my sewing machine at all!  I’m grateful for late nights or early mornings when I can steal a few minutes of happy sewing.  They’ll all get done eventually, and if I actually bind those quilts, they’ll get done this week.  That’s the goal, anyway…

Have a great week!
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