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I admit it.

The color orange is growing on me.

On a canvas this size, one can’t help but be impressed.

“Never keep the curtains drawn, lest you should miss some glory of the sky.”    -unknown

It’s another gray, rainy day this morning, but my curtains are open just in case something wonderful happens.

Have a great Monday!


Spectacular Sunset

We enjoyed the most incredible sunset last week… the cloudy haze overhead created amazing effects.

The color was everywhere.  In fact, the sky was so ablaze with light and color that our driveway and house looked pink.  The beauty of it drew our entire family outside to marvel at its wonder.

I often constantly worry about all the things we’re not getting to, all the lessons I’m not teaching well enough, all the ways I’m falling short of being the mother my children deserve to have.  As I looked around at my family during this impromptu pause in the evening’s activities, I thought that at least I’m doing this.  At least they’re sensitive and appreciative of such beauty.  At least we paused to appreciate it together.

As I studied the changes in light and color during the ten minute masterpiece, I couldn’t help but think about how I’ve kind of resisted some of the current color trends (perhaps I see it most in fabric and quilting) including oranges and grays together.  But here it was, the very combination I’ve been turned off to, in such gorgeous display that I couldn’t help but love it.

Heavenly Father is so many things.  He’s my Father, my God.  He’s perfect, omniscient, omnipotent, loving, and on and on.  But he’s also the Master Artist, Master of light, color, shape, form, line, symmetry, balance.  I never tire of the art lessons I receive in just looking around.  I know it may be silly, but I love Him for that.  I love Him for nurturing us with such beauty.

Once again, through a sunset, I marvel that He loves us that much.  That he loves us enough to send little gifts of thoughtfulness by painting the sky just before dark.

I am so indebted to Him!

Hopeful Homemaker

Feast for the Eyes

I’ll be honest.  I’m not a fan of Las Vegas.  I can think of a million other places I would vacation first.  When I ended up there early this week I really didn’t do any exploring.  I mostly stuck to my hotel room and worked on things that are important to me.  I can shop anytime.  I can’t be alone anytime.

I didn’t frequent many places, but one thing I noticed in the hotels/casinos I did end up in was the dim lights.  It seems they forever want you to live at dusk there… it must dull your awareness of what time it is and how long you’ve been there.  Imagine my surprise on Monday morning on our way to breakfast in The Wynn to see something like this:

There was light back in there, and pastel colors, and flowers!

I had to get in there!  It’s called The Buffet, and I must now admit that I have a favorite place in Las Vegas.  I didn’t have my camera with me, so we ate somewhere else that morning (and discovered my husband’s new favorite smoothie) in order to go back Tuesday with the camera.

I was not disappointed.  The Buffet has 17 different food stations with an impressive variety of food.  Everything we tasted was delicious.  There are large rooms tucked back in the restaurant and off to the side, but we requested a table in what I’m calling the garden room.   Eight huge arrangements line this room, reaching from floor to ceiling.  The ceiling is arched with a glass ceiling and lots of mirrors high on the walls.  I estimated that each of these arrangements was around 20 feet high.  To get a feel for how big they really were, notice the scale of the tables and chairs next to the arrangements in the picture above.

Flowers, succulents, fruits, vegetables all used in incredible ways to create the most amazing artificial arrangements I’ve ever seen.  The bananas were my husband’s favorite while I loved the light fixtures:

I loved the use of lavender and succulents as well.

My husband insisted on taking somewhat blurry pictures of my left-handed self eating breakfast.

I think the arrangement below (on the right) was my favorite.  I love the balls at the top, the red tulips beneath, and the pots of trailing succulents.  Gorgeous.

But really, what made each arrangement so beautiful was the variety in them all.  Next to one another there was much to admire, compare and contrast.  It was all so beautiful and I kept wondering who the designer was.

This one was drenched in flowers.  So beautiful.

I found a lot of online food reviews for the Buffet, most of them positive.  Our experience was a good one; we would definitely go back.  In my mind this experience was about more than the food.  I didn’t feel like I was on The Strip.  This restaurant was a place of light and beauty.  Atmosphere was a huge part of my experience.  It was the most fun I’ve had eating out in years. (Or maybe I was just really relaxed after 36 hours away from my children.)

I admit I didn’t want to leave.  I wanted to sit and read a book just so I could look around at all these awesome flower arrangements and be surrounded by such color for a while.  I commented to my husband that I must be flower starved, and he reminded me that I have 250 tulips coming in the spring.  It’s a start.

Last night I dreamed that I created centerpieces for a party with this room as my inspiration.  Wouldn’t it be fun to re-create something similar?  Lots of inspiration there.  You could go a dozen different directions with this.

Have a great day!


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