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I’ve got several other things to finish before I can actually work on it so I’m collecting a few pieces to use in the backing for my medallion quilt.  Not sure exactly how things will come together, but it’s nice to have this pretty pile to look at as I come and go.  I’m especially excited about using some of Melody Miller’s arrow fabric in it, to echo my own arrows on the front.  My only rule is that it has to come from what I have on hand.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks and I’m feeling overwhelmed today by all the work I need to complete in a short period of time and in addition to my usual efforts.  I’m reminding myself that doing something – anything – even if it’s not the perfect thing, is better than just worrying!

Off to do my best (and maybe add another piece of fabric to that stack if I can spare a minute).



Summer Weave quilt


A couple of months ago, while searching for a particular fabric print online, I stumbled upon images of a collection called Lilified by Kanvas Studios for Benartex.  I’d never seen it before but liked the crisp colors.  It was so summery and I was tempted by several prints but didn’t purchase any at the time.  About a week later I went to a sample sale where I stumbled upon samples of every print in the collection which I quickly purchased for just a few dollars.

The collection comes in two colorways, a green/blue combination:


and a pink/orange colorway:


The line includes a few patterns that I think are great stash prints.  The first are these awesome lattice-type prints which I particularly like in orange, pink and green/white:


These two were also favorites.  The prints on the right would make awesome quilt backs, and the prints on the left belong in a low-volume quilt:


The samples came in all different sizes, the smallest being 8.5 x 5 inches.  My favorite print came in this small size and I forgot to take a picture of it before I began cutting and sewing.  It’s a little baptist fan type design in pink/white and blue/white.

I’m so pleased with myself for making something right away with these fabrics instead of letting them wait in line behind other projects.  It’s fun to get something new and start sewing with it immediately!  I knew I wanted to spotlight the larger scale fabrics, especially those with the medallions, but had mostly small pieces to work with.  There was not enough fabric for fussy-cutting to center the patterns but I’m happy with how it turned out.  I wanted something light, bright and summery for my little girls to play on in the yard this summer.



There was enough fabric left to piece some strips for the back. I paired it with some Joel Dewberry yardage I had on hand.  I’m really working on making do with what I have and it feels good to use something up!  I kept the quilting simple, using straight lines that echo the design of the quilt.


The Michael Miller clown stripe in black was the perfect binding for this quilt.  It makes me smile.  This is the second quilt I’ve bound in a black and white print this year and I’m fast becoming a fan.  Once again, a machine stitched binding.


The “Summer Weave” quilt measures approximately 64 inches square.  The design was my own making and I’m sure I’ll use it again, as it would be easy to adjust the size of the quilt by adding strips to the “weave.”   I had some extra help in the form of young children when I was basting, and there are some spots that didn’t get pulled as tightly as I would like.  I’m not worried about it, though, because it will just crinkle up when I wash it and we’ll love it even more.


Have a great day!


A tale of two plaids

A while ago when Emily Herrick debuted her first fabric collection, called Going Coastal, I fell in love with the plaid print in it.  I purchased a little of it (used in this quilt) and have been saving the rest for the quilts I want to make for my boys.

A year ago I purchased some down comforters for my two younger boys.  Their bedding was many years old and needed updating.  I found what I thought was a great orange stripe fabric and used it to make duvet covers for them.  They looked great, except for one thing.  The boys refused to use them, declaring they weren’t soft enough.  Now I have two unused “sturdy” duvets and two boys who still need something decent on their beds.  (I have an idea for the duvets which I’m hoping will come together this week.)

After searching high and low, finding nothing I like that I can afford, I noticed that Emily Herrick was coming out with another fabric collection.  It included what looked like the same plaid from her first.  Since I already have the comforters, duvets make sense, and my idea was to use a couple of yards of plaid fabric with a navy sheet to make new covers.  So I happily ordered myself four yards of fabric.

Except it’s not the same plaid.  (Yes, I know, never trust your computer monitor when it comes to color.  I was confident because it’s clearly the same pattern, only now I know the colors were re-worked.)  What was a very pale peach in the first collection has been darkened to a pink in the new collection, called Shore Thing.  The reds and blues have been darkened as well, pulling the print away from the green and orange feel that I was planning on.  In short, I like the new plaid, but not for this project, and the boys don’t like it either.

Strike two.  Such a bummer!  What started as an affordable, money-saving DIY project has now become something of a frustration.  So I went back to Google and started a new hunt for the original plaid from the Going Coastal collection.   I located it quickly and am now the somewhat befuddled owner of 8 yards of plaid fabric, four of which I really don’t need.  Brilliant, right?

Oh well.  Here are the plaids together, the plaid on the left from Going Coastal and the fabric on the right from Shore Thing.  I confess they don’t look very different in this photo, but unfolded over a large space they do.

The duvets will be made and I’m confident the boys will like them.  The big question is, what do to with the Shore Thing plaid?   I have thought of making a skirt for one of my girls with it, or some throw pillows.  I’ve wondered how it might look with the new Out to Sea collection by Sarah Jane which is coming out in the next few weeks.   I’ll have to wait and see.

Suggestions anyone?

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