Brinley’s Blossoms baby quilt

My brother and his wife had their first baby last week.  A little girl.  They named her Brinley.
IMG_8396 (Large)2
We visited them this week, and she is adorable!  She looks just like her mommy, and is smaller than any of my 8 babies were.  I loved holding her, even though it made me feel like my baby is huge.

We took Brinley her baby gift, a rag quilt that I designed and named “Brinley’s Blossoms” in honor of my niece.
I managed to get a little tag on it before we wrapped it up:
IMG_8389 (Large)
I used the same fabrics in this quilt that I used in the one I made for my baby a few months ago.  I really loved this line!
(Forgive the poor pictures; we were in a hurry and it was night and I couldn’t take any decent ones.)
IMG_8391 (Large)
It’s a simple strip quilt with some flowers appliqued on top and in a couple of block strips.
IMG_8392 (Large)
It was a lot of fun to make, and gratefully it was a quick project (or I might never have finished it!)
I always love the way the backs of rag quilts look:
IMG_8393 (Large)
There’s no plain side with quilts like these!

And, finally, here is a close up of a new idea I tried, and I must say I’m really excited about it both because it turned out so cute and because it’s truly my very own idea!  I’ve never seen anyone do anything like this before:
IMG_8390 (Large)
A scalloped border!  I love the way it turned out, and I think that I’m going to try another quilt using this idea.
I’ve got something in mind….


  • It turned out great!! Can’t wait to finish mine. I keep wanting to pull the sewing machine out again but realize I should be doing homework instead so I don’t. I’m hoping I can finish it this weekend 🙂

  • Emily

    are you for real? That is amazing. Can you teach me how you did that?
    I think I will go hide in a corner now.

  • That quilt is beautiful! You are very talented! And the baby? Swoon! What a doll!

  • jennifer

    Wow, Melissa! I’m so honored that you would visit my blog! I love reading yours. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  • jennifer

    Kris, never fear! I won’t let you not finish it… it’s too cute! And I need pictures!

  • jennifer

    Em, the quilt is truly very simple. I’m not exaggerating. I think the more difficult step would be to get one of us in the same state as the other long enough to make one! 🙂

  • Hi there! I am new here and your blog is simply lovely. I LOVE the name of it!

    You asked me about the cake stencil. Unfortunately I got it in a scrapbook Fall kit several years ago. But I think you can find something similar at craft stores.

    And what a BEAUTIFUL baby! That name is so pretty. Your blanket colors are super fun and it turned out perfect.

  • jennifer

    Lisa, thanks for visiting! It’s so nice of you to get back to me about the stencil. I’ll just keep my eyes open for future ideas. What a pleasure to hear from you. I’ve got several recipes from your blog waiting to try. Hope you come again! Jennifer

  • Brent

    Jen – So I didn’t know you had this blog until I wandered on Kristen and Jake’s and saw her jewelery board and the link here. I can’t stop scanning the ideas and the other blogs you have linked to. I think there is some Sheffield fix-it-up in me. I really like projects and trying to make stuff better around the house. Maybe I will have to get some ideas from you next time I’m there. I am just amazed at the blog – for real. Amazing. The blanket is awesome. Thank you so much for it. It was such a nice thing for you to do for our baby girl. We love her and decided today that she will need to be roommates with Sonora in about 18 years. Sound good to you?

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