Candy Shop Listen Quilt

Today’s quilt is a second, more colorful version of my Listen Quilt .  If my first Listen quilt was all about silencing other things to focus, then this one is like listening to all the ideas bouncing around in my head.  Lots going on!  I’m calling this my Candy Shop Listen quilt because it also reminds me of looking in the window of a candy shop.

The construction of this quilt is almost the same as the original design.  However, I included some special instructions for the colorful version in the pattern anyway.  Mine features Anna Maria Horner’s vivacious lawns as the centers of the stars.  Art Gallery solids comprise all the background colors behind the stars.

The whole design was inspired by one of my favorite fabrics right now:  the regimental ties print, part of the Kaffe Collective.  I love the variety that came from cutting a busy print and using it as the trellis design, though I did pay careful attention to stripe direction as I sewed.

I departed from Art Gallery solids with the royal blue in the border.  It was just the right color, and I had it on hand.  It’s the same Amelia Blue that I used in my Lucky Lone Star quilt.  That color is a long-time favorite.

I backed my Candy Shop Listen quilt in a gorgeous Heather Bailey print.  It’s from an old collection, True Kisses, and I love the bubble gum pink in this print.  It plays beautifully with all the bright colors in the quilt top.

Melissa Kelley quilted this in one of her edge to edge designs.  I bound it in the same aqua I used in the outer border.

So there you have it:  my Candy Shop Listen quilt.  I always strive to reimagine quilt patterns in new ways.  Changing the fabric colors or prints is a simple, but effective way to do it.

Of all my patterns, Listen might be one of the most fun to make, since it comes together in a surprising way.

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