Lone Starburst Pillow

I dove into paper piecing with my arrow project late in the spring, but took a class to make sure I learned the proper way to do it.


I’d saved the scraps from this quilt and the second one I made just like it and they seemed like the perfect colors for a Lone Starburst block.  I was so excited when Anna chose to use this star for the class ; I’d found the pattern many months before and wanted to make it but didn’t have the courage to try!


It turned out there were just enough scraps for a pieced border and a scrappy binding.


I was thrilled to have the block come together fairly easily.   Trying paper piecing, especially the Lone Starburst block, was on my list of sewing goals for the year and I’m happy to cross something off!  And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the pillow looks beautiful on my couch!


After running like a crazy woman for the past week, I’m hoping to catch up on some sewing goals this week.  What are you working on?


The Last Stocking

The tenth stocking is finished.  It was one of those projects that took only an hour or two to finish, but three years to start!  So silly of me.

Years ago when I started making stockings for my children, I knew we wanted to have a large family.  I also knew I wanted stockings that would somewhat coordinate and I needed something I could add to over the years.  I settled on plaids.  Each stocking is made with a different Christmas plaid, and I simply tucked away the fabric for the toe, heel and name across the top.

And so all ten of them are finished, after some very persuasive, loud and insistent demands from the little girl whose stocking didn’t match.

Now she is happy.


A temporary spot

I was expecting a quiet Thanksgiving weekend.  Instead, we’re having unexpected company come to town.  (Unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome.)  It’s kind of thrown me for a loop to get everything ready.

I’ve been up early every morning this month to sew, and am getting a lot done.  I didn’t want to lose the entire weekend where my goals are concerned, so I made a little sewing spot in my room.  My poor husband gets to roll over at 5 a.m. when I start.

As I sat there in the darkness this morning, I realized it looks rather cozy.  It’s not a very effective space, but I did take a few small projects upstairs to work on when I can.  I’m feeling a little “empty” emotionally, so I have a quiet place to run to and regroup when I need a break.

I’m off to work in the kitchen!  Have a great holiday.
Hopeful Homemaker

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