Thrifted Bookshelf Makeover

The return of sunshine and warm temperatures means a lot of good things.

One of them is the opportunity to paint.  I picked up this little bookshelf at my local thrift store for $5.

It spent the winter in the garage holding shoes.  This week I went after it with a can of Rustoleum’s Heirloom White spray paint.

It’s a nice creamy white.  I chose not to distress it after painting.

One of the things I liked about the shelf was it’s open construction.  With no sides or back it seems to use less space.  I also like the character of the posts.  Another interesting thing about it is the angled top shelf.  It was clearly an easel or music stand at one point.

The good thing about this is that it can’t catch a bunch of clutter on the top shelf.  The down side is that I have this plain piece of wood on top:

I think it might be fun to add a monogram.

Regardless, I’m happy to have it now holding the books that have been stacked on the floor in my bedroom.  I added a few pieces of my collection of vintage silver.  It’s nice to get them out of the cupboard.

I’m curious.  Would you add a monogram or leave it as is?  Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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Writing Spot

I’ve got a lovely vintage roll-top desk in my bedroom that I’ve never really used.

I decided to spruce up this little spot so I will actually sit down and use it more often.  In addition to cleaning out the contents I replaced the mirrors that were above the desk with a smaller mirror and one of my favorite vintage pieces.

Several years ago I found a 1911 German postcard.  It’s a painting of a shepherdess standing slightly apart from her flock.

The postcard spoke to me.  Somehow it was the visual representation of how I feel sometimes when I need to gather myself before I can face my children and be the mother we all need me to be.   It reminds me that this gathering of my heart, mind and spirit is appropriate and needful.  I really love this tiny postcard.

A few months later I found an amazing vintage picture frame.  It is the perfect match for my postcard.

It now rests on my writing desk, a visual reminder that pausing to write will be good for my soul.  Whether it’s a note, a thought, or an entry in a journal, writing always clears my mind and helps me find a better perspective.

A small diamond shaped vintage frame, numbered spice jars and a set of candlesticks to catch the light complete the space.  I also brought in a different chair which blends better with its surroundings.

Not only do I love each of the items in this spot, but I also love the shades of white against the aqua walls of our bedroom.  Instead of being something I merely walk past several times a day, this vignette now catches my eye and cheers my heart.  It’s also encouraged me to write more notes and letters, one thing I’m striving to improve this year.

I always feel so good when I can move things around a little bit and fall in love all over again with things I already have.

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A Different White

Yesterday the weather was so warm that my children played outside all afternoon, then treated themselves to homemade snow cones.  I was able to begin painting a couple of things that I’m excited to finish.

The painting, however, will have to wait.

Today I’m sitting curled up on the couch in my husband’s favorite fleece blanket.  It has been raining and snowing all day, and our world is slowly turning white.  The temperatures have dropped significantly, and just looking outside makes me cold.

Although I know the precipitation is a blessing, I admit I prefer a different kind of white:

Remember my ranunculus from a couple of weeks ago?

They stayed fresh and gorgeous for over two weeks!   They simply continued opening up, wider and wider and bigger and fuller.  I am in awe of each perfect petal.

Now a couple of them are in my flower press, sure to bring a bit more happiness soon!

flower press

Upon opening the press (an old yard sale find) I discovered some forgotten wildflowers, evidence of a summer’s day gift from my little girls.  The sight made me long for the carefree days of summer vacation.

For now, we’ll keep waiting while we watch the snowflakes fall…

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