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Beautiful Browns

My husband’s friend recently gave us a dozen eggs from his backyard chicken coop.  (What a great way to make us regret giving away our Easter chicks!)

brown eggs

I couldn’t help but pause and appreciate the subtle differences in their color.

brown eggs 2

The words “I’m not a brown girl” have come out of my mouth many times, meaning that I don’t love it enough to want it on all of my walls, or on the exterior of my house.  I just love other colors far more.  However, when I see all these shades of brown together, they are beautiful to me.   It’s almost like looking at a paint swatch, but much prettier because it’s a naturally occurring variety.

brown eggs 3

This morning I am thankful for an unexpected visual treat.  It’s uplifting to appreciate the color in ordinary things.

What color have you noticed lately?

Hopeful Homemaker

Simple pleasures

I’ve always found it interesting how much comfort can be found in feeling grateful for simple things.

Today I’m thankful for the gift of fresh fruit, oranges to be exact.

sliced oranges

They looked so beautiful with juicy sections glistening in the sunlight.  I love the many shades of color.  Things like this seem so simple, but when you really look at them you realize what a composition they are in themselves.

orange slice

They tasted as sweet as they looked.  Mmm.  Not many things better than a sweet, juicy orange in the winter.

What simple thing are you thankful for today?

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