Making yo-yos

I have a project I’ve been meaning to finish for a LONG time.  It’s a quilt.  It needs me to make some flowers to go on a couple of vines, and it needs to be bound.

I’ve never been a huge fan of yo-yos.  Don’t have a problem with them, but just not in love with them.
Well, it looks like that might have just changed.
At least for this project.

I discovered that Clover makes some plastic yo-yo makers, and I invested in them.

IMG_6096 (Large)

I finally made some yo-yos with them, and now that I know how fast, easy, and uniform they are, I’m hooked!
There are 4 sizes.  The tiny one ends up being around 3/4″ in diameter, the next size up is around one inch, the next is about 1-3/4″ in diameter, and the biggest makes yo-yos that are about 2 inches or a bit larger in diameter.

IMG_6095 (Large)

They’re super easy to use.  In case you haven’t tried these, I’ll show you how simple it is.
First choose your template size and your fabric.  Each maker has two pieces, as you can see.

IMG_6097 (Large)

Lay the piece with the smooth edge (on the left) on a flat surface, with the lip facing you.
Then lay your fabric face down over it.

IMG_6098 (Large)

Now take the corresponding piece and fit it into the piece that is covered with fabric.
You’ll be able to feel it click into place.

IMG_6099 (Large)

Now trim around the edges, leaving a little bit of fabric.

IMG_6100 (Large)

When you’re finished, it should look like this:

IMG_6101 (Large)

Now take a needle and thread it with a corresponding color of thread.
The thread should be longer than the circumference of  your circle.  Knot one end of the thread.
From one of the holes on the bottom, bring the needle through, being sure that it goes through the fabric you left around the edge.  (Your yo-yo maker will come with great instructions, so don’t worry)

IMG_6102 (Large)

Then take the needle back down through the next hole, going around the entire circle.

IMG_6103 (Large)

When you’ve stitched around the circle, carefully pop the plastic piece on top out.
The fabric should stick to the top piece.

IMG_6104 (Large)

If you turn it over, you can see the stitches going around the outer edges.

IMG_6105 (Large)

Carefully pull the fabric off the template.

IMG_6106 (Large)

You can see that the fabric really holds the shape it had when in the template.

IMG_6107 (Large)

Taking the needle, begin gently pulling on the thread to gather the fabric.

IMG_6108 (Large)

Keep pulling.  All you have to do is sort of tuck the edge of the fabric inside as it gathers.

IMG_6109 (Large)

Slowly but surely, it will take the shape of a perfect circle.

IMG_6110 (Large)

When it’s all gathered together, pull the thread tight and tie a discreet knot in the thread.  Cut it and tuck it carefully inside.  You’re done!

IMG_6111 (Large)

They are quick to make and lots of fun.  Here’s my growing pile:

IMG_6275 (Large)

And guess what I discovered the day after I made a bunch of these?
They just came out with a huge one!  I was so excited.  I tried one, and it is super fun.
The new extra large one is much bigger than the next closest size.  It’s about 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

IMG_6276 (Large)
Now I need to make a bunch more so I can design the clumps of flowers on the quilt.
I’ll show you the finished product as soon as I’ve got enough yo-yos made.

IMG_6113 (Large)

Until then, see what fun you can have with these five sizes!
They also make flower shaped ones, which I have, but I don’t like how small the flower is and how much fabric it uses.  I thought I’d want to use them on the quilt, but I like the round ones best.  I believe that Clover also makes heart shaped templates, but I’ve never tried them.  An online search for yo yo maker will show you what’s available.

IMG_6112 (Large)

There are a lot of quilting and sewing tools that I don’t have and can live without, but these I’m happy to have purchased.  They will be a lot of fun to play with.

Wonton Chicken Salad

This salad is a delicious, light summertime meal.  It’s simple to make and very tasty.

IMG_6218 (Large)

The list of ingredients is pretty simple: chicken,  romaine lettuce, parsley, green onions, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, lemon juice.  There are only three ingredients you may not have on hand:  sesame seeds, square wonton wraps, and sesame seed oil.  The wonton wraps can be found in the produce section of your grocery store, near the tofu and other such products.  The sesame seed oil will be near the soy sauce on the aisle for international food products.

Start by cooking about 1 pound of chicken in a little bit of oil.

IMG_6180 (Large)

Cook until meat is no longer pink, but still very tender.

IMG_6183 (Large)

Set chicken aside to cool.
Meanwhile, preheat oven to 425.  Open won ton wraps and remove half the package.

IMG_6181 (Large)

Slice into three strips.

IMG_6182 (Large)

Place strips on baking sheets, then lightly spray with cooking spray and sprinkle lightly with salt.

IMG_6184 (Large)

Bake until crunchy and golden brown.  Then set aside to cool.

IMG_6192 (Large)

Chop one or two heads of romaine lettuce and place in salad bowl.

IMG_6207 (Large)

Add 3/4 cup chopped green onions

IMG_6208 (Large)

and 1 cup chopped parsley.

IMG_6209 (Large)

Chop cooled chicken.

IMG_6201 (Large)

Sprinkle over top of salad.

IMG_6210 (Large)

Now, to make the dressing.  In a small bowl, place 1 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper.

IMG_6211 (Large)

Add 2 1/2 Tb. sugar and 3 Tb. sesame seed oil.

IMG_6212 (Large)

Add 1/4 cup cider vinegar.

IMG_6213 (Large)

Finish off with 1/2 to 1 tsp. lemon juice and mix well.

IMG_6214 (Large)

Drizzle dressing over salad.

IMG_6215 (Large)

Crush wonton strips and add to salad.

IMG_6216 (Large)

Sprinkle with 2 Tb. sesame seeds.  (Sorry, I know they’re hard to see.)

IMG_6217 (Large)

Gently toss the salad and you’re ready to go!

IMG_6218 (Large)

Serve with parsley and additional wonton strips, if desired.

IMG_6219 (Large)

As I said, it’s a light, tasty dinner.  Perfect for hot summer days!

Wonton Chicken Salad

1 lb. chicken
1-2 heads romaine lettuce
3/4 cup chopped green onions
1 cup chopped parsley
1/2 package square won ton wraps
2 Tb. sesame seeds

For the dressing:
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 1/2 Tb. sugar
3 Tb. sesame seed oil
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 tsp. lemon juice

Cook chicken and set aside to cool.  Cut wontons into strips and place on baking sheet.  Spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt.  Bake at 425 until golden brown.

Cut lettuce and place in salad bowl.  Add chopped green onions and chopped parsley.  Chop chicken and add to salad.

In small bowl, mix all dressing ingredients.  Drizzle over salad.  Crush wontons and add to salad.  Sprinkle 2 Tb. sesame seeds over wontons.  Toss salad and serve.

Look up!

This afternoon I decided to brave the heat (yes I’m being a wimp but I have a good excuse) and clear my front porch of all the kid clutter that they’ve left behind.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’ll list some of the items I found there:  socks, toys, empty cups with spoons in them from yesterday’s snow cone adventures, trash, jewelry, and a selection of Dad’s tools from this morning’s skateboard workshop.

It’s nice to get things put away, swept up, and looking a little more inviting.

As I was walking around the house to put something away, I looked up.

And something wonderful happened.

IMG_6265 (Large)

I was instantly struck by the beauty of the sky:  the gorgeous blue and fluffy white clouds everywhere.

IMG_6266 (Large)

It reminded me of a quote I memorized years ago:
“The sky is the daily bread of the eye.”

I paused to turn around in a circle and drink in the beauty in every direction.

IMG_6267 (Large)

I realized what a blessing it can be to look up in life.
My day was enhanced by simply absorbing a bit of beauty that had been there for the taking for who knows how long.
I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.  I wasn’t aware that my heart was hungry for such a sight.

I realized how often I get my head down, focusing only on the task at hand, on getting through or just enduring.
Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to look up and drink in the big picture, remembering that there is much of beauty and life and happiness to be enjoyed.

IMG_6269 (Large)

Much of our experience is a matter of perspective.
In raising my eyes today, my perspective was enlarged.
I felt more appreciative of the simple abundance around me, more aware of the gift of life.
I walked inside feeling like a happier person than when I walked out.
I wonder how many times a day God has gifts like this just waiting for us?  How often has He prepared something of great beauty to buoy us up on our journey?  Do we notice?  And if we do, do we let it change us?
How can we receive his gifts if we don’t see them?

My invitation today:  look up!  Look around!  Notice the simple gifts that are waiting for you, and partake.
Have a wonderful day!


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