Another Prosper Quilt Top

One definition of “prosper” is to grow or increase; to thrive.  I find much to ponder in that.  In what ways am I growing or increasing?  What does thriving look like at this point in my life?  How can I best help others to truly prosper in more ways than just materially?  I’m curious:  what comes to your mind when you read that definition, those questions?  I pondered these things while I sewed my blocks together to finish another Prosper quilt top.

I shared the quilt blocks individually here and here last summer.  As stated there, my background color is called nocturnal, and it’s an Art Gallery Pure Solids color.  I also used it in my Show Up quilt top, which is the 48″ version of my Serve quilt.  Honestly, I think it’s making an appearance of some kind in most of what I’m sewing lately.  I really love the deep, deep blue.

This 9 block version is a fun lap size, approximately 67″ square.  It will be fun to finish.  Looking at it, I can’t help but feel like each block represents one of the last 9 years.  Darkness framing luscious blooms.  It’s awfully symbolic.

As for the growing I referenced earlier, I have been thinking about how we’re always changing and growing, but who we actually grow to be will surprise all of us in some ways.  Certainly there are things I will always like, and tendencies I’ll likely always have.  But isn’t it interesting to think back to who you were ten years ago – what has changed?  My journey of growth and increase over the last 10 years was a path I did NOT want, but today I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned.  Do I want to live it again?  Nope.  But I am deeply thankful to know what I know.  I know things today that I couldn’t have known without that journey.


I guess I learned to thrive on this journey.  Now I feel like another journey is needed, and in some ways perhaps I get to choose it more intentionally than I did the last.  I have a vision for the growth I want; the Future Self I want to be.  But who knows?  While I hope I recognize her, I’m sure I’ll be surprised.  I hope they are good surprises,  and that she is truly prosperous.

Who knows?  Maybe then I’ll make another Prosper quilt top in celebration.

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