Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Yesterday’s peek at my flower embellished paper clips and the chalkboard painted tags came together last night to make these little Christmas teacher gifts.

It’s really a simple gift so I needed to do something to make the presentation great.  I cut this shape using my Epic six machine (that has sat in its box forever) to make large tags.  I played with it to arrange the gifts on the paper.  For the paper clips I cut two small slits with a razor blade and inserted them.

I sanded the edges of the chalkboard tags and added a ribbon to each.  I then sewed a piece of elastic to the paper to hold two tags in place.  Then I stapled a piece of ribbon to the tag to tie a piece of white chalk on.

Super simple, but I feel like I put it together in a really cute way.  I hope our Elementary school teachers like them, or at least find them useful.

Lastly I stamped a little Christmas greeting on a decorative tag and slipped it inside the elastic.  I wrote the name of my child at the very bottom.

The entire gift fit perfectly in a 5×7 inch envelope.  Simple but cute.  My son’s kindergarten teacher raved about it when I picked him up this morning.  I was thinking this would also be a cute end-of-year gift for teachers.  All you would need to do is change the color of the paper tag it’s placed on.  I added up my costs and these gifts came in under $2 each.  I already had the chalkboard paint on hand.

So they’re done and delivered.  Hooray!

Gift Tags

The four of us over at


decided to make some Christmas gift tags.

It was really fun to sit down and make a few of them.  (I made a great little mess on my desk, too!)  I’m totally out of practice with little paper projects but am excited to do it again.  If you’d like to see them, head

over here

to check them out!

Now, if only I could get my Christmas cards done.  {Seriously, what is my problem?  I’m completely falling apart this month, I tell ya.  If you run into my lost brain anywhere, will you let me know?  I’m afraid that stomach bug hid it from me.  Ha!}

So today is the 10th.  Christmas is in 15 days.  Are you ready?  Here it comes!

Birthday Cake

I wanted to wish a friend Happy Birthday last week and a lavender lemon cake sounded summery and fresh.  I used a mini bundt pan for a small cake.  Once I’d baked it, however, I wanted to make the presentation whimsical and fun.

I made a little banner to hang across the cake.  I think it did the trick.  Who wouldn’t love to get a cake with it’s own birthday banner?

Whatever you’re doing today, make it a happy day!


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