Medallion: Arrows and Orange


I’ve added two more borders to my medallion quilt.


I made twelve paper pieced arrows for border #8.  The measurements worked out perfectly this time.  I didn’t have to shorten the shafts of the arrows and had enough room for a 1 inch space between them.


I auditioned a ridiculous number of prints for the corner posts on this border before realizing that I needed a solid.  Everything else competed with the prints on the arrow, so a bright pink was chosen.  The ninth border is a braid or herringbone  pattern made up of dozens of little strips of orange fabrics.  It’s not what I originally planned color-wise but I like it.


Nothing is laying flat on these borders because I haven’t sat down to remove the paper from all of them.  (Any suggestions for quick but gentle removing of paper from paper pieced blocks is most welcome!)  Regardless, I’m happy with these borders and had fun making them.  I have decided to add two more borders to this quilt and then call it finished.  Right now it measures 72 inches square.


I’d like to finish this before Saturday.  Wish me luck!


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Medallion: Pluses and Arrows


I took a little break this week from my Anchor Quilt project to pull out a WIP.  After cutting and piecing a lot of one inch squares, the next border on my Lone Star Medallion quilt is complete.  It’s a busy border with the King’s Road print used as the background and a floral print (both from Pat Bravo’s Carnaby Street collection for Art Gallery Fabrics) for the pluses, but I like the way it looks.


These little plus signs measure 1.5 inches across, and the tiny squares finish at 1/2 inch.


One of the things I really like about this border is the way it reads as an almost solid from a distance, but has interest when you look more closely.


I also think it gives the eye somewhere to rest after the extra-busy look of the mosaic and flying geese borders that sit just inside it.  It kind of calms things down a bit.

Now I’m working on the next border, which involves twelve more of these:


Yep.  Twelve more paper pieced arrows are on their way to being complete.  I have two sections done and now get to do the scrappy piecing of the ends.


I really love the way these arrows look together.  In fact, several of my children have walked in the room and told me I should make an arrow quilt with them grouped like this.  It would be pretty, wouldn’t it?


And so it’s slowly coming along.  What do you think?


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Marcelle Medallion Quilt


After many hours of quilting, worrying about quilting, unpicking, experimenting and making plenty of mistakes, my Marcelle Medallion quilt is completely finished and I love it.


I used a different design on every section or border which was a huge stretch for my very limited free motion quilting skills.   Some of them I love and some I’m not thrilled with but it all works together well enough.



I had already cut something else when I decided to make a large log cabin block for the backing.  For the most part it’s made of scraps from piecing the front.


I struggled with the binding but as soon as I pulled out this black and white animal print (by Paula Prass for Michael Miller) there was no looking back.  I like the way it makes a statement at the edges.  It’s the third black and white binding I’ve used this year and I quite like them.


And so it’s finished!  Full of color and many favorite fabrics, I’m glad I completed this project.  It was worth every minute of time spent working on it.

Quilt Info:
measurement:  approximately 60 inches square
fabric: variety from stash
pattern: found in book Liberty Love by Alexia Abegg

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