2017 Finished Quilts

Here is a quick look at all the quilts I finished or shared in 2017.  For more photos and details on each quilt, click on the link above the photo.  It will take you to the corresponding blog post with more information.  Thanks for looking!

Indigo Lone Star Quilt

Mod Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Mod Lone Star Quilt

Mod Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Anthem Quilt

Anthem Quilt Pattern

Coastal Quilt

Lindsey’s Layer Cake Quilt

Columbine Mini Quilt

Free Columbine Embroidery Pattern

State Flowerscape Quilt

The State Flowerscape Quilt was gifted to The Henry Ford Museum in 2022

Fireworks Quilt

Cheerio Quilt

Dream Big Quilt

Lone Star Party Quilt

Applique Mini Quilt

Big Charming Quilt

Be Beautiful Mini Quilt

Ireland Flag Mini Quilt