Peppermint Quilt

I can’t seem to pick a favorite Christmas color scheme.  I like the traditional red and pine green, and I like jewel tones that bring in blues and hot pink.  Silver, gold and white?  Yes, I like that too.  But when I see candy colors and pastels added to the mix, I always smile.  This Peppermint Quilt makes me smile.

You may remember the peppermint version of my Anthem Quilt pattern .  I made this quilt top last year and finally quilted it.  I’m making progress on quilting all my Christmas quilt tops this year, and I have a few more yet to start.  (My Giant Hunter’s Star and Supergiant Hunter’s Star holiday quilts were finished last week, hooray!)

I decided to be brave in my quilting.  The red swirls in the stars continue the peppermint theme and create movement.  I practiced drawing these on scratch paper before I tried quilting them.

In the green background I used a green thread and quilted holly leaves.  Each holly leaf is half of each background color and I like how it looks.

The holly leaves almost look like snowflakes.  It was fun to try something new with my quilting and have it work!  I finished by quilting around the outline of each star.

I saved this “ho ho ho” sheet for years to use as a backing for a holiday quilt.  The minty green is the perfect color for my peppermint quilt.  The quilting looks pretty from the back, too.  (Relief!)

One thing I love about quilting is the way a pattern can look completely different, and it’s just a matter of fabric and color choice.  I still love my original Anthem Quilt with the red, white and blue stars, but a two color background and pink/red stars completely changes the final look.

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