Vintage Tablecloth: Pink & Red Flowers on Yellow

On a rainy day, this is just the thing to bring a bit of sunshine in!

red and pink flowers

Cheerful pink and red flowers dance around the edge of this tablecloth.  It measures 45 by 53 inches.   This pretty cloth has a couple of small stains and a few small holes on one end, but overall the condition is good and the flaws don’t detract from the beauty of the tablecloth.

vintage yellow tablecloth with pink and red flowers

This fabric is made of a lovely cotton duck with a great drape.  So beautiful to look at!

vintage yellow tablecloth

Lemonade, anyone?  (Hurry, spring!)

Vintage Tablecloth: Red & Aqua

aqua flowers

Proof positive that the red and aqua (with brown) color scheme on a white background has been around before.

I bought this vintage tablecloth several years ago purely for the colors.  I love the almost watercolor style flowers in two shades of aqua, with splashes of green, yellow, and plenty of milk chocolate brown and red.

aqua flower closeup

This tablecloth measures 51 by 64 inches.  It has a number of yellow stains on it, but many of them blend in well with the overall composition of the cloth.  It’s printed on duck cloth that has a nice weight and a lovely drape.

red and aqua vintage tablecloth

One interesting thing about this piece is a lack of repetition in the pattern.  From a distance, it appears that there may be some, but close inspection proves that the entire tablecloth is its own composition.   In my experience, this is very unusual, as most cloths have a repeating pattern of some kind.  The entire cloth has a feeling of symmetry without any exact pattern repetition.

This tablecloth is a favorite of mine in my current kitchen.  It looks lovely in the blue and white room, on the dark wood table.   So pretty!

Vintage Tablecloth: Iron and Roses

This little beauty is 27 inches by 31 inches.  Technically not a tablecloth at this size, but I use it as a topper when I layer linens.

red black and white vintage tablecloth

The black scroll details look like a fence going around the edges.  I love the combination of black, white and red.  So classic.  One of the beautiful things about this piece is that is has not faded at all.  The colors are still rich and saturated.

vintage cloth black iron details and red roses

Made by Startex, the tag on the back calls it a kitchen towel.  I’m thinking it must not have been used much due to its fabulous condition.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t use it as a kitchen towel either!  It’s a piece that is both elegant and simple at once, which is something I love.  I used it at my sister’s bridal shower a couple of years ago since it matched her wedding colors.  It’s a fun little cloth with a lot of personality!

Have a great day!

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