Vintage Tablecloth: Black and white lattice with flowers

I love the boldness of this tablecloth.  When I first saw it, I thought of Mary Engelbreit and her well-known illustrations (this cloth was obviously made long before ME was illustrating, and I found it long before she began designing fabric).  Black and white with touches of red will always be a classic color combination.

vintage tablecloth with black and white lattice

The cloth measures 47 inches by 44 inches.  It has a tag on it that identifies it as being produced by a company called Dunmoy.  This cloth is printed on linen, and it has a nice heavy weight, but no stiffness at all.  It drapes perfectly.

The border is checkerboard style, with red roses and white daisies alternating around the entire cloth.  I love that the lattice lines are set on the diagonal.

red, white and black vintage tablecloth

The cloth is in very good condition overall.  It does have a small run in the fabric in the center which creates a thin white line going through the lattice design, but it doesn’t detract from the boldness or the beauty of the piece.  The edges are still very white with just one spot that has some browning (which I might be able to soak out if I put my mind to it, but I also don’t want to make the black or red fade at all).

vintage tablecloth black white and red

It’s a really lovely tablecloth, and very unique.  I don’t have another one that’s at all like it.  So pretty!

Vintage Tablecloth: Pink Roses

Today’s tablecloth is truly lovely in every way.  Yes, it’s completely pink, and I love it.

vintage pink roses tablecloth

The roses go in one wide border around the entire cloth.  It  measures 68 by 51 inches.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 2

It has a small tag on it, which reads California Hand Prints, which I’m thinking might mean that it was hand printed when it was made.  The cloth has a few stains on it but it is just so lovely, and such a yummy shade of pink.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 3

One of my favorite details about it is the white pattern that goes around the outer edge of the roses.  Very subtle, but adds a lot of beauty in my opinion.  When I purchased this tablecloth online years ago, I didn’t realize it had this white pattern until I received it.  I was so pleased!

pink roses and white detail on vintage tablecloth

When I walk into a room where I’m using this tablecloth, it’s always the first thing I see.  It’s the perfect touch of happiness on a winter’s day.

vintage pink roses tablecloth 4

Vintage Tablecloth: Blue Cherries

With two cherry trees in the backyard, someday I’d love to find a large vintage cherry tablecloth that is a real stunner.  For now, this little number does the job.

vintage blue cherry tablecloth

It measures 34 by 34 inches and is hemmed on two sides.  One of the loveliest things about it is that it is printed on linen instead of cotton.  I love the feel of old linen, drapey and supple but so strong.

vintage blue tablecloth

Of course I love the colors, the blue cherries, light blue background and cherry blossoms all over it.  It has no stains or flaws, just the gorgeous linen weave.

blue linen cherries

This tablecloth has no markings on it.  I wish I knew who made it and how old it is.  It’s a beauty!

folded blue cherry linen tablecloth

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