I’m loving the colors on these hydrangea blooms right now.  The pale grayish blue at the edges, dark blue in the center and a hint of green.  These blooms have lasted since Easter!  What a feast of color they’ve been all these months.


Mason Jar Star Lids

A friend brought me the cutest gift recently, and we put it to good use on the 4th of July.

I have no idea where she found these mason jar lids with stars cut out on the top, but I’m totally in love with them.

The lids took a basic jar with red punch and a blue & white straw from predictable to adorable.  I love the way the straws sit at all different angles in the points of the stars.

She gave me both silver and white lids, but we only used the white for our dinner.

I’m so happy to have these on hand; we’ll use them again and again!

All sorts of potential here.  Baby showers, birthdays, graduations, or just for fun.

Best of all, they’ll serve as a reminder of a dear friend.  My heart is thankful.

A few things

Just thought I’d share some little things I’m enjoying lately…

These little toes, combined with ruffled leggings, are tugging at my heart:

This message
is so simple, so applicable and so motivating that I can’t quit thinking about it.  We’re talking a lot about it at the dinner table this week.

Speaking of the dinner table, I made this soup last week and it was amazing.  Full of flavor + healthy and it was good for me to cook with ingredients I’m unfamiliar with.  I doubled the recipe and everyone ate it really well.  We only had 1/2 cup left.

I’ve never made a layered red velvet cake.  I’d like to try this one .  Maybe for Valentines Day?  Speaking of Valentines Day, why is it that I have a couple dozen things I’m itching to try/make for the holiday?

It’s been a while since I’ve done much embroidery, but this alphabet sampler has me sorely tempted.  I’m thinking I would stitch it on a dark gray or navy blue fabric.

My sister and I are taking this online sewing class together in February.  I’m really excited to learn how to sew curves and I plan to make this quilt once I’ve mastered them.  Isn’t it pretty?!

Back in December I promised myself that if I finished my Christmas cards I could join pinterest.  Well, they’ve been having problems for weeks now and their “create an account” page always takes me to an error.  I really hope they fix it soon.  In the meantime, I love all of these pins .  So much of my favorite colors in here:  aqua, white, red/pink and lots of vintage.

I’ve never worn perfume because it gives me a headache, but my husband gave me this for Christmas and I love it!  Flowery and fruity but not too perfumey.  I wear it every day and it doesn’t bother me at all!

It’s turning out that this week is much busier than I’d prefer, lots of appointments and such.  I find myself disliking it, not because the busyness is unpleasant, but because I don’t like the disruption from the schedule I’m trying to live.  I feel like I have so little time for things, it’s hard to give up that time!

I hope you’re having a great week!


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