Peanut Butter and Jam, three year old style

My three year old asked for a sandwich at a random time of day.
He wanted to make it himself.
I said yes.
I just wish I’d grabbed the camera sooner.


There is some peanut butter underneath all that yummy strawberry jam.
But it just wasn’t enough jam, I guess, because he laid it on.


Of course, he needed to taste every spoonful just to make sure it wasn’t poisonous or something.


Oh no!  Will he get the drip?




Lick those lips!

Then he had to spread it like only a 3 year old does



Next comes the lid.


And he had to make sure it wouldn’t come off, so:




Gratefully he stopped before the whole sandwich was crushed.
But he had squeezed so much jam out that he was now afraid to pick it up.
But hungry enough to eat anyway.


Eating like that is only so much fun, so licking his finger kept things interesting.


Leftovers, anyone?


Watermelon baby!

My 17 month old has two favorite foods right now:  watermelon and strawberries.
At our Memorial Day barbecue she spotted a plate of watermelon slices on the table,
and that was it.


The feasting began immediately.  Her shirt was done for on the first bite.


This little girl is not very polite about how she eats her watermelon.


She prefers to really shove it in her mouth so she can use her 4 teeth to eat quickly.


Just look at those clothes!  I’m not sure how much she ate. At least 4 slices, which is a lot of watermelon for an 18 pound baby.


When she started hugging one piece so she could eat the piece that was falling off,
we had to laugh.  And check out the juice running down that chubby little right arm!

And I ask, what says summer better than a little girl feasting on watermelon while wearing the perfect picnic pants?

Soon she was literally drenched in watermelon juice and her Dad ran her inside for a quick bath.   But what a fun feast it was while it lasted!

Project: Dining Room, Part I

Here is my dining room:


It currently contains an old table, which I painted black, and a bookshelf which houses my vintage silver.
That’s it.

No chairs, and nothing on the walls except this mirror
which I bought at the thrift store for $3.00 and painted white a few weeks ago.


There is a chair rail that my Dad helped install just a couple of months after we moved in,
but which I still haven’t painted because there is more I want to do to the walls first.
But for more than a year and a half, these walls have been blank.



Pretty boring for a dining room, don’t you think?

Several months ago I started picking up old frames that had some interesting detail to them.
Frames like this, that look brown and beat up, but I saw some potential in them.


For a long time I thought that I would paint all the frames black because the table is black,
but I’m sort of glad that I waited, because a few weeks ago I decided to paint them white instead.
I just used a high gloss white paint and I wasn’t too picky about how it turned out.  I just kept painting until they were well covered.


I’ve been collecting old black and white family photographs, and I want one wall to turn into a sort of family history gallery.

At last, today I decided that rather than wait until I get all the frames and photos I want,
I would just start by hanging what I have in a collage.


And here it is!
I want to add several more, but I’m really pleased with Part I.
Suddenly the room has a lot more character, and they are really cool photos too.


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