Vintage Blue Jars

Last week’s junk sale find…

vintage blue jars

has found a new home.  I washed the vintage blue canning jars and decided to give them some time to glisten in the family room.

vintage jars and vases

I always find that during the winter I favor the look of empty containers.  The shape itself becomes art to me, and I don’t feel the need to fill it with anything.  The potential of the vessel suggests such abundance.  Yes, empty containers in the winter speak to me.  They remind me to have an open heart, to be ready to receive the abundance that is just around the corner.

vintage blue atlas jar

I added some empty vases in shades of blue and white.  I’m sure that this vignette is temporary; I’ll want a simpler look eventually.  But that’s the beauty of decorating by simply moving things around.  You can always reinvent and there’s no obligation to keep things any certain way.  It took all of three minutes.

For now, however, I love the way the jars catch the light.   They seem to brighten the room on a dreary winter’s day, and for that, I am thankful!

vintage jars vignette

And I wonder:  will I ever get tired of blue and white?  It


makes me happy.  What colors make you happy?

Junk Sale

I always complain that there aren’t enough junk/thrift sales around here.  My husband emailed me an online advertisement for one taking place this weekend, so I had to go.

And, crazy woman that I am, I loaded up 8 children (yes, all 8 of them) and went.
I arrived on day two, and I was one of two, yes two, customers there.  I’m guessing that a lot of stuff went yesterday, but the advantage to going today was that most items were at least half of what they were yesterday, and all the things marked $5 were now $1.  All of yesterday’s $1.oo items were free today.

For $35, here’s what I scored:

junk sale finds

The “watch children” sign is at least 2 feet square.  It makes me laugh out loud!  Don’t you think that a woman with 8 children should have a sign like this?  I’m not sure yet where I’ll put it, but I believe it’s found an appropriate home.

vintage blue canisters

I got the set of vintage blue canisters for $5.  They’re in great condition, and they’re my color!  I also scored some vintage glass jars, most of them blue and one that is clear.  Two of them are really big, one of which came with a vintage metal lid on it.  The large ones were $5 and the other four cost only $1 each.  I’m so excited to clean them out and put flowers in them.

vintage glass jars

This set of vintage plastic letters was wrapped in saran wrap and I snagged them all for just $1.

vintage letters

They’re about 12 inches tall, and should be fun to use somehow.  I know I’ll use one of the J’s for sure, but because I have multiples of all of them, shout out if you see one you could use!  I’m serious here, I think that someone besides my two sisters reads this blog, so speak up!  In front of the letters is a vintage glass shelf that was in the “free” pile, so I snagged it.  It has potential, I promise.  Remember my

pink mirror

.  Hiding somewhere in all that stuff is a shelf and two candle holders that mount on a wall which were also free.   Paint can fix anything!

In addition to these things, there was a box of little glass medicine bottles with droppers.  They’ve never been used.  I grabbed it for $1, knowing there will be something great to use them for at some point in time.

vintage glass medicine bottle

Also from the “free” pile, I grabbed some old sports equipment: youth football pads, an old football helmet, a batting hat for baseball, an old football jersey, and an old hockey goalie mask.  I figure at the very least I can clean them and put them in the Halloween costume box, but I also think that the hockey mask might look cool in one of my son’s rooms.

old sports equipment

Just for fun, here’s a picture of some of the huge, cool old signs that were hanging in the building on this guy’s property.  They were fun to look at.

vintage signs

And thus ended my one hour thrifting spree with 8 children in tow.  Now I’ve got to get cleaning!  Hope you’re having a great Saturday!

Inspired by: Blue & White (and pink)

What would life be like without color?  I must be craving spring, because I’ve been running for my camera all week long!

These are the things I’ve been drawn to:

blue and white hydrangeas

white chair with quilts

heart hands holding pink candles

blue and white french knots flower

blue frosted cupcake

pink gumball machine

white hydrangea

cupcake with candle

white hydrangea

pink candles

What colors have been calling your name lately?

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Have a great day!

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