2022 Finished Quilts

Here is a quick look at all the quilts (and a few other sewing-related projects) I finished or shared in 2022.  For more photos and details on each quilt, click on the link above the photo.  It will take you to the corresponding blog post with more information.  Thanks for looking!

Stand Quilt

(version two, without small side borders)

Stand Quilt Pattern

Stand Quilt

Stand Quilt Pattern

Arise Quilt take two

Arise Quilt Pattern

Awake Quilt in Heather Ross fabrics

Awake Quilt Pattern

20 in 20 Quilt Journal

City Sampler Quilt

Chess Quilt

Marian’s Quilt

Refuge Quilt

Home Quilt Block pattern

Harrison’s Color Stack Quilt (another baby version)

Color Stack Quilt Pattern

Treehouse Stitching Sampler

Prosper in Conservatory

Prosper Quilt Pattern

Sisterhood Mini Quilts

Courthouse Steps Quilt – Potential in Constraints

Through Tears She Saw More Clearly

Dream Catcher Quilt

Grateful Melody Quilt

Nicey Jane Layer Cake Quilt

A Prayer for my Country

Seashell Banner

Ragan’s Soccer T-shirt Quilt

Prairie Sweets Quilt

Everglade Quilt

Indigo Siddi Mini Quilt

Blue/White Irish Chain Quilt

Arise Quilt

, second pattern in Resolute Series

Arise Quilt Pattern

Awake Quilt

, first pattern in Resolute Series

Awake Quilt Pattern