Quilts Completed

This page features photos and links to all of the Hopeful Homemaker Quilts completed since the beginning of this blog.  The most recent finishes are at the top; to see older quilts simply keep scrolling down.

For more pictures and information on each quilt, click on the quilt’s name (above photo) to link to the relevant post.

Some of the quilts below also have a direct link to the pattern, available for purchase in my Etsy shop , or a link to my tutorial for that quilt.  I hope you enjoy browsing my quilts.  Thanks for visiting!

2022 Quilts

Arise Quilt, second pattern in Resolute Collection Arise Quilt Pattern Awake Quilt, first pattern in Resolute Collection Awake Quilt pattern

2021 Quilts

Living A Prayer Quilt My Heart, Today Quilt (officially finished in 2020, blogged in 2021)

2020 Quilts

Log Cabin Swap Quilt Liberty Dresden Quilt Trinkets from the Beach Quilt Improv Log Cabin with hand quilting “She Listened”: A Lone Star Quilt Lucky Lone Star Quilt Pattern Sawtooth Quilt Sherbet Heart Quilt Scrappy Heart Quilt Tutorial January Quilt Jenny Eliza Quilt Anchor Baby Quilt Anchor Quilt Block Tutorial

Quilts Completed in 2019

Scrappy Friendship Quilt Fair Isle Quilt Prosper Christmas Quilt Prosper Quilt Pattern Christmas Color Stack Quilt Color Stack Quilt Pattern Peppermint Quilt Peppermint/Anthem quilt pattern (includes colors and instructions for two color background) Holiday Supergiant Hunter’s Star Quilt Giant Hunter’s Star Pattern Giant Hunter’s Star quilts from Holiday fabric Giant Hunter’s Star pattern Flight II Quilt Secret Garden Quilt Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt (version two) Lone Star Tree Skirt Pattern Lone Star Tree Skirt Sew Along Page (includes videos to supplement tree skirt pattern) Be Brave Mini Quilt Baby Girl Color Stack Quilt Color Stack Quilt Pattern Light Quilt Botanics Quilt Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt Lone Star Tree Skirt Sew Along Page (with videos to help you make one!)

Lone Star Tree Skirt Pattern
Supergiant Hunter’s Star Quilt Supergiant Hunter’s Star Pattern (also includes pattern for Giant Hunter’s Star quilt) Giant Hunter’s Star Quilt Giant Hunter’s Star Pattern (also includes pattern for Supergiant Hunter’s Star) Vintage Summer String Quilt Flag Day Quilt

Quilts Completed in 2018:

Why I Quilt:  My Quilt Walk Story
Hunter’s Star Quilt Hunter’s Star Quilt Pattern Hunter’s Star Quilt Hunter’s Star Quilt Pattern Baby Color Stack Quilt Baby Color Stack Quilt Pattern Color Stack Quilt Color Stack Quilt Pattern (jelly-roll friendly) Color Stack Quilt Tutorial Lucky Lone Star Quilt Lucky Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Quilts Completed in 2017:

Mod Indigo Lone Star Quilt
Made using Mod Lone Star Quilt Pattern Mod Lone Star Quilt Mod Lone Star Quilt Pattern Anthem Quilt Anthem Quilt Pattern Coastal Quilt Lindsey’s Layer Cake Quilt:

Columbine Mini Quilt
Free Columbine Embroidery Pattern State Flowerscape Quilt Fireworks Quilt Cheerio Quilt Dream Big Quilt Lone Star Party Quilt Applique Mini Quilt Big Charming Quilt Be Beautiful Mini Quilt

Quilts Completed in 2016:

Rosewater + Gingham quilt, completed September 2016
Rosewater + Gingham quilt top, with brief details on how I made it rosewaterginghamquilt2 Whimsy Lone Star Quilt, completed summer 2016 whimsylonestar4 Prosper in Solids, completed October 2016 Pattern available here solidprosper1 Surfside Quilt, completed September 2016 surfside5 Pineapple Mini Quilt, completed June 2016 minipineapple3 Pineapple Quilt, completed June 2016 pineapplequilt5 Anchor’s Aweigh Quilt, finished January 2016 anchorquilt3 Lincoln’s Autograph mini quilt , completed February 2016 lincolnmini3 Mini Pixelated Heart Quilt (plus tutorial) , completed February 2016 minipixelatedheartquilt

Quilts Completed in 2015:

Scrappy Prosper Quilt, finished August 2015
scrappyprosperquilt Established:  A variation on wishing well quilt , completed April 2015 establishedA3 Modern Maples Quilt , completed November 2015 finishedmaple3 Prosper Mini Quilts {mini versions of wishing well quilt} miniwishingprosper Spools Mini Quilt , completed January 2015 spoolmini1 Wishing Well Quilt , completed fall of 2014 but published in March 2015 issue of Quilty Magazine, Pattern available for purchase here (called Prosper Quilt, my original name for it).


Anchor Mini Quilts
, completed January 2015 anchorminis2

Quilts Completed in 2014:

Life Story Medallion Quilt
, completed February 2014 medallion1 Nine Patch Mini Quilt , completed December 2014 9patchmini7 Life’s Journey Quilt , completed December 2014 lifesjourney1 Chic Kisses mini quilt, completed November 2014 chickisses1 Scarlet’s Patchwork Quilt , completed November 2014 scarletquilt3 Flight Quilt , completed November 2014 flightquilt2 Friendship Star Mini Quilt , completed September 2014 friendshipstarmini3 Scrappy Hunter’s Star Quilt , completed August 2014 Scrappy Hunter’s Star Tutorial (layer cake friendly) AMH Voile Patchwork Quilt , completed July 2014 voilequilt1 Tone It Down Quilt , completed July 2014.


Hexagon Beehive Mini Quilt
, completed March 2014.  This mini quilt was designed for the Sweet As Honey Blog Tour.


Scrappy/Pixelated Heart Quilt
, completed February 2014.

Tutorial for quilt block/layout found here.


Quilts Completed in 2013:

Nate’s quilt
, completed December 2013 Natetripquilt1 Giant Star quilts , completed December 2013 A&Mquilts Solid & Stripes quilt , completed November 2013 Bensquilt1 Scout quilt, completed November 2013 scoutquilt5 Anchor Quilt , completed in October 2013.  Pattern designed by me; tutorial for anchor block found here .


Choreography/Go Confidently quilt
, completed September 2013 choreography3 Early Bird quilt, completed September 2013 earlybirdquilt2 On a Whim quilt , completed September 2013 onawhim1 Erica’s Quilt {St Louis 16-Patch} , completed September 2013 ericaquilt5 Marcelle Medallion Quilt, completed July 2013 marcellequilt1 Summer Weave Quilt , completed May 2013 summerweavequilt Little Girl Patchwork II , completed April 2013 childrenatplayquilt2 Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt , completed March 2013 scrappytripalong2 Scrappy Swoon II Quilt , completed February 2013.  This quilt was made for my Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along.


Little Man II quilt,
completed February 2013 IMG_7442 Little Girl patchwork I , completed February 2013 IMG_7437 Heart Mini Quilt , completed February 2013 heartquilt

Quilts Completed in 2012:

Christmas Star Quilt
, completed December 2012 Chevron Christmas pillow , completed December 2012 Swooning for Christmas quilt , completed November 2012.  This quilt was the inspiration for the Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along in 2013.

Turquoise Star Quilt
, completed October 2012 Vintage Holiday Quilt , completed October 2012 Flags quilt , completed July 2012 Seaside Quilt , completed August 2012 Rainbow Road Table Runner , completed June 2012 Summersville in Color pillow , completed May 2012 Little Man quilt , completed May 2012 Swoon Quilt , completed May 2012 Sparkle Punch quilt, completed March 2012 Tumbler Quilt , completed January 2012

Quilts Completed in 2011:

Elsie’s Quilt
, completed November 2011 Christmas Flannel Rag Quilt , completed November 2011 Jack-O-Lantern Mini Quilt , completed October 2011 Hunter’s Star Quilt , completed September 2011 Hunter’s Star Quilt pattern available here Baby Boy Blue Quilt , completed September 2011 Banner Quilt , completed July 2011 Water and Sky II quilt , completed July 2011 S ummertime Quilt , completed July 2011 Water and Sky Quilt , completed January 2011

Quilts Completed in 2010:

Zig Zag Quilt
, completed December 2010 Chirp Chirp Quilt , completed August 2010 Silk Tie Quilt , completed June 2010 Wild Thing/Verna Quilt , completed May 2010 Aqua Dots Strip Quilt , completed February 2010 red and white binding on quilt Rouenneries Quilt , completed February 2010 Rouenneries quilt Faith Sings Quilt , completed January 2010 Faith is the bird that feels the light embroidery


  • Wonderful quilts – I am new to your site and maybe missed this – but do you post your patterns as well? I sure would like to follow suit 🙂 – thank you – Karin

  • Kathleen

    I love your tie quilt with the squares. Is there someway you could post how and what size
    Squares you cut. What size sashing did you use?

  • Judith Johnson

    I love, love, love your quilts. I found you because after 20 years of doing Lone Stars and Broken Stars (the big Lone Star with 32 star points in it) I can’t get perfect point matching. YOUR tutorial solved my problems! Thanks for sharing the beauty God has put in your soul!

  • jennifer

    If you click on the link to my post about that quilt, the measurements of both the squares and the width of the sashing is found in that post. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out: http://hopefulhomemaker.com/2010/06/15/silk-tie-quilt/

  • Mary Patten

    I just love all of your quilts. They are amazing! You are very talented.

  • Christina

    The instructions and measurements you give are so clear and easy to follow. And the pictures are soooo helpful. Thank you for keeping it real. (Btw, my granddaughter is getting a pixel heart quilt thanks to you. Beautiful!)

  • Anice Ridley

    Your quilts are beautiful! Your Lone Star quilt caught my eye, I have stacks of stars made by my my husbands grandmother( very old) and didn’t know how I could put them together. The tutorial helped so much, I am a fairly new quilter. I’m hoping to accomplish it to pass on, Thanks so much for tutorial!

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